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August 16, 2019
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Popular Mechanics featured a behind-the-scenes view of the United Airlines Field at the Los Angeles Coliseum renovation, which was unveiled yesterday to the public. "The $315 million renovation required architects, building engineers, and sound engineers to revamp the modernity of the stadium while creating a brand-new, seven-story premium tower without losing a single piece of the venue’s historic stone façade. It wasn’t an easy task," they wrote. Additional coverage of the Coliseum's unveiling appeared in the Los Angeles Daily NewsCBS Los AngelesKTTV-TV's "Good Day L.A.", ABC News Los Angeles affiliate KABC-TV, Fox News Los Angeles affiliate KTTV-TV and KNX 1070 AM.

The Washington Post featured a review by Tim Page of the USC Thornton School and the USC Annenberg School of the new book Beethoven: The Relentless Revolutionary. "This is not one of those Marxian screeds that evaluate the work of an artist by perceived progressive leanings: There is nothing of Trotsky and very little of Adorno in this volume. Rather, John Clubbe has written a thoughtful cultural history that takes into account the times in which Beethoven lived and worked — and they were times of revolution," he wrote.

Consumer Affairs featured research from lead author Gali Weissberger of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and her colleagues on how often older Americans are financially abused by family members. "We expected to find that financial abuse was the most common abuse reported. But despite high rates of financial exploitation perpetrated by scammers targeting older adults, we found that family members were the most commonly alleged perpetrators of financial abuse," she said.

Space Daily (via The Conversation) featured commentary from Vahe Peroomian of the USC Dornsife College on the history of Saturn's rings. "What were the rings made of? Were they solid disks as some suggested? Or were they made up of smaller particles? As more structure became apparent in the rings, as more gaps were found, and as the motion of the rings about Saturn was observed, astronomers realized that the rings were not solid, and were perhaps made up of a large number of small moons," he wrote.

Experts Quoted

NPR quoted Wendy Wood of the USC Dornsife College and the USC Marshall School on strategies that can help you stick to good habits.

The Washington Post quoted Clayton Dube of the USC U.S.-China Institute on how Chinese officials are attempting to manipulate news about the Hong Kong protests.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted Jason Squire of the USC School of Cinematic Arts on why studios are no longer making G-rated movies.

Forbes quoted Wayne Federman of the USC School of Dramatic Arts on comedian Jim Gaffigan's decision to distribute his comedy beyond Netflix.

News at a Glance

The Christian Science Monitor referenced research from the USC Race and Equity Center on the graduation rate of black male athletes.  

The Daily Mail referenced research from the USC Marshall School on how long hours affected bankers' physical and mental health.  

KPCC-FM covered the recent allegations against a former USC student health center doctor.  

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