April 28, 2021

"...Until Christ Be Formed in You"

A weekly e-newsletter from Campus Ministry to help students and other members of the Assumption community grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and learn about opportunities for prayer and worship, service and justice, and spiritual growth and development.

A Letter from
Brother Daniele Caglioni, A.A.

I know that we’re in the final stretch of the semester, when papers pile up and there seems to be a quiz every other day… I don’t mean to add another thing to your to-do list, but I have a little assignment for you. In the weeks that remain of this unprecedented year, and in the months of Summer that await us, I want you to exercise your hope.
A few years ago, I was listening to a podcast called “Living the Questions,” part of the On Being Project, which explores deep questions of life, spirituality, and community. In one episode, the creator Krista Tippett insists that hope is a muscle that we must exercise if we are to live full, healthy lives.
Her advice makes me think of this past year we’ve lived through together, how so many things were postponed, lost, or canceled… It can be easy to give in this constant “No.” and think it will never end…
We are a people of hope, however. In his first letter to the first Christians, Peter encourages them to always be ready to give an answer for their hope. Our “hope muscle” cannot disappear. As Summer approaches and medical professionals continue to help us fight COVID, I think there’s a lot to be hopeful about. I’ve been encouraging some student leaders to do some hoping, some dreaming this Summer, and I offer the same challenge to you. How can you exercise your hope in the months ahead? 

(Brother Daniele graduated from Assumption in 2013 and is completing his first year as a Campus Minister.)

Brother Daniele Recommends this Link 

Brother Daniele recommends this episode of “Living the Questions” from the On Being Podcast:

Congratulations to Graduating Student Leaders!

The Campus Ministry staff congratulates and thanks the following Campus Ministry student leaders who will be graduating this year: Rachael Towne, Nicole Flora, James Skahan, Hannah White, Sean Duda, Audrey Tokarz, Maeve McDonald, Jennifer Bourgoin, Oliver Bugbee, Hannah Cairney, Ciera Clivio, Clara Dooley, Zachary Dubreuil, Danielle Furtado, Carley Holtshouser, Alicia Sagastume, Gina Marie Savino, Jacob Walz, Abigail Whittum and Quintan McKeogh.

This will be the last issue of the Campus Ministry E-Newsletter for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The E-Newsletter was started shortly after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic to help students and other members of the Assumption community grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and learn about opportunities for prayer and worship, service and justice, and spiritual growth and development.  The Campus Ministry staff and the larger University Pastoral Ministry Team look forward to more in-person opportunities for this in the 2021-2022 academic year.  May God bless our Assumption community abundantly this Summer!
--Deacon Paul Covino, Director of Campus Ministry  
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