New Classes Beginning this January

Happy New Year, painters!

After a holiday break, I’m excited to start writing to you again. We are going to get back to our regular programming next week. I’ll have plenty of things to share with you — more artists, more links, more tunes — and maybe some exercises every so often to help keep you painting.

But before we get there I want to let you know about the two classes I’m offering, both of which are starting this January.

Painting Collages is being offered again, this time in the afternoons from 1 to 3 PM Eastern. We will then have Painting in a Series, a class about how to continue developing your ideas over the course of multiple paintings, offered in the evenings from 7 to 9 PM Eastern. Both of these classes will go for 8 weeks.

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Painting in a Series

Many artists develop a recognizable style over the course of their careers. Whether it’s a specific color that they’re drawn to, a recurring motif, or a unique method of working, artists have numerous reasons for working in a series. This course will pose a series of questions: what are the motivations for creating work this way? What are the advantages? And how can you benefit as an artist by working this way?

Begins on Tuesday, January 19th from 7 - 9 PM Eastern

Painting Collages & Collaging Paintings

In this class, you will learn one possible solution to the age old question: what am I supposed to paint? This class will use collage making as a solution. By beginning with collage as a basis, you will learn about the importance of design principles like space, composition, and shape. The paintings you make in this class will be based on your collages, which will in turn inspire more paintings and collages. In each subsequent class, you'll build on top of the paintings and collages you made in the previous one.

Begins on Tuesday, January 19th from 1 - 3 PM Eastern

You can sign up for either of these classes through my shop. You’ll receive a supply list and other information once you register.

I’m also offering private critiques in addition to my classes. This is an opportunity to sit down with me and discuss your artwork, or other questions you may have about art making. These sessions are catered around your interests and your preferences, and can be scheduled at any time (just not at 2 or 3 in the morning, please).

I hope you’ll get 2021 started off right by spending some time painting with me. These virtual classes have been a blast so far, so if you haven’t joined in yet I promise you’ll get a kick out of them. And you’ll learn something too.

🖌️ Click here to sign up! 🖌️

I’ll leave you with a few links on my way out. See you next time, painters.

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