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WELCOME TO MAY 23-24, 2020!

MEMORIAL DAY!  It is Memorial Day, and the coronavirus is going to try to do to this special moment what it did to Easter and Passover along with sports, graduations, proms, weddings, funerals and other special life moments!  There may not even be parades marching down our Main Streets!  But parades were never the part of Memorial Day that really mattered!  Parades are really nice, along with all the backyard cook-outs, the three-day weekends and the BIG Holiday Sales!  What really matters is that on the last Monday of every May we pause to remember and reflect on the lives lost to war and in service to our country!  We will say their names, share their stories and mourn their loss! This year, folks will still come together at a safe "social distance" to remember!  We’ll plant flags in the cemeteries!  We’ll take a moment to remember all we’ve lost and appreciate all we still have!  Memorial Day is a day to share stories! The story of a son, who spent his birthday in Iraq, holding the hand of a dying fellow soldier! The stories a grandma tells of the soldiers marching off to World War I and the great 1918 flu pandemic that followed it!  The stories heard from our World War II veterans who won’t be here in September to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the war’s end!  Stories heard from our veterans of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and way too many others places!   Memorial Day will happen!  It just might not happen the way we’re used to it happening, but it’s not really about the parades, the BBQ and all the other things!  It’s about remembering!  We keep our veterans and our combat fallen alive by telling their stories!  I hope you will tell your story this weekend... there is always someone who needs to hear it!  Thanks for helping us continue to remember! 
NEWS AND OTHER STUFF!  We are very grateful for our Conference Leadership for helping us all through this Health Hurricane!  Bishop Carter and His TEAM of District Superintendents are asking us to continue ONLINE CHURCH ONLY, at least, through THE FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND.  They promise to update us as the State and Community make adjustments to their requirements along the way!  Right now with the restrictions currently in place for spacing and safety we can only host approximately 50 people in our Sanctuary at one time!  I can assure you that every discussion, debate and decision is focused on providing the safest environment and most satisfying experiences for you and your loved ones!  We are working hard to provide special opportunities for us to begin gathering!  Be on the look-out for news about those opportunities as they come our way!  Thanks for praying for all our leaders at every level as God uses them to get us through this time together!  The United Methodist Church continues to look to our founder John Wesley to guide our decisions as he calls us to focus on “Doing No Harm, Doing Good and Staying in Love with God!”  God bless you!  We love you very, very much! 

STAFF CHANGES!  There are changes coming to our Staff!  Dawn Ackerman, our Financial Manager/Accountant is moving on to the next adventure in her life!  We will miss her a lot!  As a valued and vital member of our Staff, she helped all of us become better persons and professionals!  Thank you Dawn...God bless you and lots of others through you!  She will be with us through the end of the month and has graciously offered to help us through the transition from home and task-focused Office projects!  Please help us scatter the word about this great Serving Opportunity to your network of people!  The wider a net we cast the larger the group of candidates we get to meet!  Thanks for all your help getting this news around town!  Please see the Position Announcement for our Staff Position below...  

Indian River City United Methodist Church in Titusville, Florida has an immediate full-time opening for a passionate, personable, proficient and practiced accountant/bookkeeper. Work together with others to monitor and manage the Church’s financial resources to insure that ministry & mission happens!  Education and practical experience in generally accepted non-profit fund accounting principles are necessary. Partner with our Pastor and Ministry TEAM to develop the people, program & property to achieve God’s purpose!  Help us make a great thing a better thing!  Our Compensation Package includes salary and benefits. To receive more detailed information and a position description and/or to submit your resume, please contact Bill at
HEY BILL!  CAN I ASK A QUESTION?!   I was just wondering...while so many other things have been paused during this time, why has THE KIDS' PLACE continued to operate throughout the shutdown?  GREAT QUESTION!  THANKS FOR ASKING!  Everyone may not be aware of this, but our "Kids' Place!" is a fully-licensed Child Care Business and Christian Learning Center and is not only a Ministry of the Church, it is a Mission to the Community!  I like to call it our "Marketplace Mission!"  Like other fully-licensed Child Care Businesses, our State and Local officials deemed them an "essential business" that was absolutely necessary to the ongoing function of our community!   Basically, our State and Local officials asked these "essential businesses" to continue providing  their services to the community for the good of all throughout the crisis!  That was the purpose Kids' Place was given when we birthed them 30 years ago and I am extremely grateful that we have maintained that focus throughout the years!   While other local Child Care  businesses might not have been able to continue to stay open for one reason or another, our Kids' Place was able to continue helping local families with children keep going to work every day!  The Kids' Place has protocols in place for screening, sanitizing and spacing that are practiced each and every day for the protection of the children, their families and our Staff in keeping with the guidelines given by our State and Local Officials.  Thanks to Heather and her amazing TEAM for all their extra efforts to help our Church help our Community go through this critical time in history!  I really believe that Indian River City Church and The Kids' Place will be remembered for our commitment to helping our community during a very challenging time for all of us!  SSSSSOOOOOOOO...I could go on and on but I hope this helps answer that question just a little bit!  Thanks a lot for asking!        
CELEBRATE RECOVERY!  We all have hurts, habits & hang-ups and now we can all find hope, help & healing on FRIDAYS @ 6:30PM!  Find out how to connect with this great supportive circle of people just like yourself!  Got questions?!  Ask CJ Gehlman at 321-591-7168  God bless you a lot and lots of others through you!  

# LOCAL LOVE!   Thanks to our own Titusville Chamber of Commerce for inspiring our community to love our neighbors! Think about all the ways you can “love your neighbor the way you love yourself!” by doing acts of kindness for those around us!  We know for sure that some of us are regularly delivering Meals on Wheels, Grocery Shopping for Seniors!  Some other local opportunities that might interest you are The Hummingbird Food Pantry Distribution at 3000 Jolly Street.  Contact Gina M. Stafford on Facebook!  The Children's Hunger Program welcomes volunteers & donations all the time!  Call 321-610-1900 for more info!  The Women's Center Upscale Resale Store on Hopkins Ave.  They will be very grateful for donations!  Food & More starts delivering food to children during the Summer starting June 1, 2020.  Call 321-759-5787 to register for food and/or to inquire about opportunities to help!  Our hope is that all of this inspires you and me to help in helpful ways!

M.O.P.S. BRAIDED BREAD FUND RAISER!  HEY…put SATURDAY, JUNE 13 @ 10AM-1PM on your calendar!   If you purchased some special Braided Bread from our amazing M.O.P.S. Ministry earlier in the Spring this will be the day you can finally pick-up yours!  Drive to the FLAG POLE in the Parking Lot in front of the Office Building and some really great folks will deliver yours to your car!  I know we can all use something a little sweet!  I hope you are as excited as I am!  See you there!

   Let all your friends and neighbors know!  Register online at click on the TKP link and select the age-appropriate program:  Toddle Inn (1-2), Preschool (3-4) and/or School Age Before & After School Care (5-12)  For additional information and/or to ask any and all questions, please contact Heather at 321-267-7308  Thanks for getting the word out to our community friends and families!  We are pleased to be helping “Bring Children To Jesus to Know Him and Make Him Known!"

HI THERE!  THIS IS BILL @ THE CHURCH!  Wasn't the Devotion great today?I hope this E-NOTE finds you well and experiencing the "Joy of The Lord!"   Since I do not get to actually see you this weekend, it is extra important to me to visit with you in THE UPPER ROOM every morning!  Today (Friday, May 22, 2020) we heard God remind to “Encourage one another and build each other up!” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)  We all can use a little bit of encouragement these days!  Let's do whatever we can to fill-up one another's "Hope Bucket!"  Thanks for joining us every week for our ONLINE CHURCH EXPERIENCE!  You can always access the Weekend Worship Videos beginning SATURDAYS on our IRCUMC FACEBOOK PAGE and/or our IRCUMC WEBSITE!  This Memorial Day Weekend we will gather ourselves around HEBREWS 6:9-11 and 1 JOHN 3:16.  I want you to know that I and lots of others are actively praying for you and yours every single day and I am looking for you every morning in THE UPPER ROOM so that we can see, hear and know God and listen to him speak life into our day!  So...till I get to see you face-to-face, I love you with all my heart and I know that God loves you even more than that!  Till then...See ya!

ONLINE CHURCH SCHEDULE!   Following the guidelines given by the leaders of our Country, Community and Conference to not gather during the current health crisis, we are meeting together ONLINE ONLY for as long as this situation lasts!  You can access the VIDEO beginning SATURDAY EVENING on our IRCUMC FACEBOOK PAGE and/or our IRCUMC WEBSITE.  You will find links at the bottom of this E-BLAST to help you get there!  HEY…something fun you can do is to set up a “WATCH PARTY!” with your family, friends and folks!  I hope you will leave a "Like" and/or a comment so that we know you are here!  That would really mean a lot!  You will find our Music, Message plus some updated Church News!  I look forward to sharing all of this with you!  God bless you a lot and lots of others through you!

PRACTICING OUR GENEROSITY!  Despite not passing the Offering Plates at our preferred "Time Zone!" there are still ways for you and I to continue supporting the Church with our generosity!  You and I can always go to the IRCUMC WEBSITE and discover how easy it is to give online!  (This is the way I do it!)  or we can always place our financial gift in an envelope addressed to 1355 Cheney Highway, Titusville, Florida, 32780 at our first opportunity!  Another way is called TEXT2GIVE and it is really easy to set-up!  If you are interested...just TEXT the word REGISTER to 321-450-4483 and you will be lead through the process!   Your financial giving and my giving is absolutely essential to our ability to serve God's Purpose within our Congregation, on our Campus and into our Community!   Thanks for everything you are doing to thank God with your time, talent, treasure and things!  Your extra effort to give is really helping us continue to function!  Got questions?!  Please call us at 321-267-7922

WHY DO WE GIVE?!   Great question!  Thanks for asking!  On MONDAY (5/18)) in THE UPPER ROOM we heard the Jesus remind us that "You show others that you’re my follower when you produce and provide much fruit!  That really brings great glory to my Father!” (John 15:8)  Our lives produce spiritual fruit when we allow the Holy Spirit to make us more like Jesus and we “bring great glory to God the Father” when we provide that fruit for the good of his Church!   Finding ways to use our time, talent, treasure and things to make our Campus, Congregation and Community a better and brighter place to live, give and grow is the way God is calling you and me to live out each day!  THIS…is why we give!

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!   Lots of folks are talking to God in behalf of you and yours!  Please call 321-269-9020 with any Prayer Request that you might have for yourself and someone else and/or send a short and simple E-MAIL to our E-Mail Box.  Every day our Prayer TEAM will be updated with all the requests we hear about or read about!  We really believe that God always answers our prayers BIGGER than we can ever ask!  Got questions?!  Ask Lisa at 321-267-7922.
WHY DO WE PRAY?!   Great question!  Thanks for asking!  In THE UPPER ROOM on SATURDAY (5/23) we heard Jesus tell us to, “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now…don’t get worked up about what might happen tomorrow!  God will help you deal with whatever things come up when the time comes!" (Matthew 6:34)   If we really pay attention to what God is doing today, we come to find out that he is already preparing us for what we will face tomorrow!  With God's help we can always arrive at tomorrow ready!  THIS…is why we pray!

WE REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU!  Our Care TEAM really cares about you and yours!  Please call 321-267-7922 if you or someone you know enters the Hospital or has some other kind of health or life crisis!  While we cannot come see you, we can still visit with you by telephone!  Thank you for helping us help others by letting us know!  God bless you a lot and lots of others through you!

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY TEAM!  If you are in need of a Prayer Shawl while the church is closed, please visit the Prayer Shawl Ministry's website ( We've made it simple for you by adding the photo album “Located at Judy’s or Susie’s House” that contains a picture (along with the size and description) of each item available and its location. Select the item you’d like (please note the Item Number) and give either Judy (321-267-1722) or Susie (321-536-1821) a call and they’ll get the item and a card ready for you to pick up.

OFFICE HOURS!   Our Church Office continues to be CLOSED.  Please feel free to call 321-267-7922 on MONDAY-FRIDAY @ 9AM-12PM with any questions or concerns that you might have!  Our Staff are all working extra-long and hard to connect with folks through their areas of service!  Lots of things are being done so that ministry and mission can continue to happen safely at the exciting Indian River City Church!   Please continue to do the things that keep you and others safe!   We love you very, very much!

WHAT NOW?!   Please take care of you and yours and then check on your friends and neighbors!  Find a way to communicate hope with your Small Group, Serving TEAM, Sunday School Class!  Encourage one another!  Pray for one another!  Love one another!  Serve one another!  WWWEEELLLLLL...hopefully you get the idea!  Thanks for living so others can see, hear and know Jesus!  You really are "Jesus-With-Skin-On!"  Thanks a lot!

SOME OTHER STUFF!   Below this E-NOTE you will find links that you can click that will take you places!  One that you will see says "Give Online" and will take you to our Website where you can practice ONLINE GIVING in a pretty simple and straightforward way!  Below that you will find two (2) places you can click that will take you to our FACEBOOK PAGE and/or our WEBSITE where you can connect with our WORSHIP VIDEO starting on SATURDAY @ 6PM.  You will also find lots of others news and information that will prove to be helpful in keeping you up with all the latest scoop!  Thanks for “CLICKING!” along with us!  Have an extra great time!

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