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Issue #35 // August 26, 2021
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Today at a Glance:
  • Quote: Internal-->External
  • Reading: TODO apps
  • Podcast: FatFIRE
  • Tweet: Ethereum 101
  • Product: $1M Templates
  • Idea: Chipotle for Cocktails
If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from the inside. -Jim Kwik
Change starts from within, therefore you must change yourself and work to become a little bit better every day. Once you change yourself, you may now change the world around you, the opposite never works.

Start from within and move outward. Don't believe me? Start with why.
TODO apps are meant for Robots
The human mind isn't a robot, yet everything we built products for humans in order to act like robots. Any productivity app out there tries to turn you into a machine, cranking out tasks/widgets/you name it.

There are too many rules to follow, yet the human mind is chaos and cannot operate in this mode.
The Little Known World of FatFIRE
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In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) shares what he's learned from one of his favorite subreddits, FatFIRE. FatFIRE is about the pursuit of financial independence/early retirement with an upper-middle class lifestyle.
Million Dollar Email Templates

A bunch of super useful email templates. My favorites are the meeting follow-ups and introductions.
Ethereum 101 & How It Could Top Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency
This is a great thread on Ethereum if you want the basics and no bs. It goes through:
  • The past
  • The future
  • The applications
What I love about this thread is how simple Alex makes it to understand and draws comparison to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is simply a currency and Ethereum represents a digital city (foundation, services, and a currency).

This thread is also available in podcast form if you prefer audio.
Chipotle for Cocktails

Chipotle is simple, you choose three (3) things:
  1. Food Style (Burrito, Bowl, Salad, Tacos)
  2. Protein
  3. Toppings
Cocktails are complicated. You either:
  1. Choose your go-to cocktail
  2. Choose something randomly from a menu
This is where Chipotle for Cocktails comes in. Imagine a bar where you go in and it has three (3) choices:
  1. Choose your Spirit
  2. Choose your Sweetener
  3. Choose your Bitters
And you come out with a custom cocktail made just for you.
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