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Issue #29 // February 28, 2021
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"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." ― Albert Einstein
The Power of Questions
  • Asking good questions is hard
  • The quality of the answers we get is directly correlated with the quality of the questions we ask.
How to Write Email with Military Precision
  • Make the email easy to read; bottom line up front (BLUF)
2021 Rules
  • While these rules were meant for music, they can apply to any domain
Storytelling Advice from the Creators of South Park: The But & Therefore Rule
  • Drive your story with words like “but” and “therefore” instead of “and then.”
  • When you do, you'll end up creating a chain of events that links together the story
How to Decide
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  • Resulting: There is a difference between decision vs. outcome
  • Use the quantitative likelihood to make decisions rather than qualitative 
Chamath Palihapitiya – The Major Problems Facing the World
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  • Biggest issues: inequality, climate change, education
  • Teach people the importance of investing; there is a big difference between labor and capital--be an owner
Build vs. Buy is Mostly Really Now vs. Later
  • Buying generally saves you time in the long haul

Email from Jeff Bezos to employees
  • Let curiosity be your compass
Bezos vs. Zuck

If you make >$100k, you should have a Virtual Assistant

The Double Opt-In Introduction
  • Is it best practice to ask for permission before introducing to two people who don't know each other
Zoom Fatigue
  • Causes of Zoom Fatigue
    • Constant face-to-face contact
    • Barrage of complex non-verbal cues, both being sent and received
    • Seeing yourself
  • How to fix it
    • Move further away from the screen
    • Turn off the video after periods of time / audio-only methods
    • Hiding the view of yourself on screen
    • Move your body to increase cognitive performance
Mem: My new favorite Note Taking App
I've struggled to find a good note-taking app. I've tried everyone from basic text notes to Roam Research. And finally landed on my favorite app so far, called Mem. There are no folders, and it is simple note-taking. We'll see how this ages.

Declassified spacecrafts and orbital weapons of the USSR
Standard space nerd stuff
Monetizing Clubhouse
  • What is the best way to monetize Clubhouse?
  • Partnerships seem like a great way to start, although not very scalable
What is the value of scarcity?
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