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Issue #27 // December 30, 2020
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“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: It must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.” – William Faulkner
5 Tricks to Never Run Out of Ideas Again
  • Combine
  • Capture
  • Incubate
  • Execute
  • Alternate Mindsets
Who do we spend time with across our lifetime?

How to Think for Yourself
  1. Fastidiousness about truth
  2. Resistance to being told what to think
  3. Curiosity
Pandemic Villains: Robinhood
Why Burnout Happens — and How Bosses Can Help
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How To Build a $150M Net Worth
Listen to this podcast
  • The biggest takeaway from this podcast is how much conviction matters
Why software ends up complex
  • We need to spend as much time thinking about how a new feature will burden all of our users, as we spend thinking about how it will benefit some of our users
Top 10 Learnings from Startups to a $100M+ ARR General Manager, Linda Tong

DeepMind’s improved protein-folding prediction AI could accelerate drug discovery
  • This will accelerate the world of medicine and biotech 
Side Hustle Stack
Longest known exposure photograph ever captured using a beer can

Sidekick Browser
  • This is by far the best browser that I've ever used, and now my primary browser for both personal and work
You, in Cartoon Form
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