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Issue #23 // August 29, 2020
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"Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change." ― Confucius
Apple, Epic, and the App Store
Summary: If you don't read this article, at least watch this 5-minute video on the release of the App Store

Oatly: The New Coke
Summary: Marketing is incredibly powerful and will take advantage of your

The Most Powerful Learning Tool (That Doesn’t Involve Studying) (4 min read)
Summary: Sleeping is the most powerful learning tool

Why efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better (8 min read)
Summary: We need to be more inefficient, not more efficient

Being OK With Not Being Extraordinary
Summary: Be your own kind of extraordinary, not the one that the internet expects one to be
How to Design Conversations That Matter
Listen to this podcast
Podcast on how to being a better conversationalist.
  • Embracing silence and tension
  • Having empathy for others
  • A conversation is NOT a ping pong match
  • Understand what kind of conversation you're going into. What conversation are we in? Do you want me to coach you, empathize with you, listen, solutions, how do you want me to show up for you?
  • A conversational structure looks like an OS
  • A conversation is an invite; you need a sense of safety to enter in a conversation
  • The best time to bring up a conversation is ASAP

Behind the Scenes with the Real Wolf of Wall Street
Listen to this podcast
Takeaway: Sales is truly an art, many people are bad at it. Think like your customer, be empathetic.

How Changing Your Breathing Can Change Your Life
Listen to this podcast
Takeaway: Breathe through your nose and you will live a better life.
This is Dependency

Why you shouldn’t keep your startup idea secret
Stealth Startups are dead.

The ShipIt Journal

Why It's Easier to Manage 4 People Than It Is to Manage 1 Person
Apple vs. Fornite
Apple 1984 vs. Fornite Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite
How to Hack Satellites

How to find anything on the internet

Scale Model of Boeing 777 using Manilla Folders

The Perfect Cookie Recipe
Blue Light blocking glasses actually work (unless they are manipulating me)
  • I've been wearing my blue light blocking glasses whenever I use my computer (especially since we're on computers nonstop these days) and my eyes have been a lot less irritated
  • No matter what, take your eyes off the screen every ~30m

Why do companies adjust for cost of living?
I.e. if someone moves from San Francisco to Detroit, why should they have to take a pay cut?
  • Fairness? Greediness? Otherwise?
As we move toward living in a digital world, we are becoming more reactive
  • Minimalism is the act of living with less. In a way, there is no need for minimalism in the digital world, because you can just "hide" things. Out of sight, out of mind -- a bit harder with physical goods. Does this mean as we increase the amount of things "hiding" in the digital world, the only way to move forward is become more reactive? I believe we are overcomitting to digital things without realizing how much there is and the only way to act is reactive. Therefore digital == reactivity
  • Maybe we should go back to certain analog things
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