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Papua New Guinea: December 2019
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The Journey We're All On

I know it's hard to believe, but I'm having a bit of difficulty determining what to write in this, my last email newsletter of my first year in Papua New Guinea. 

As I traveled today, I was working on clearing out some of the photos on my phone (it was getting a little too close to 4,000 pictures).  Looking through photos has always been a good reminder to me of God's faithfulness.  So as I try now to reflect and process, I'm finding it hard to believe that it's been almost a year.  As I look through photo after photo I am reminded of the ways that God provided, the joy He has given, and the beautiful unity and community that are found in the body of Christ, despite coming from over 15 different cultures.

So know that if we have lunch over the next month,or if I see you in church, I may not know quite yet what all I have learned, the ways I have grown and the reasons I am glad to be going back.  But maybe over a cup of coffee, or bacon at the Cozy Cottage, you can be part of processing through this journey God has me (and all of us) on to know Him more deeply. 

I've heard that when you go home for some time, PNG starts to feel like a made up place because they really are two separate worlds.  So help me as I adjust from one world to the next.  The grocery store might be a bit overwhelming, I might be super freezing my whole month in Indiana, and I might not remember how to drive.  But I'm happy to be coming home to all the people that word means.
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What's next?

I'll be in Warsaw starting this coming Wednesday until January 18.  The date for the Missions Night at WCC has changed to January 16, and I'll be sharing at WCC on January 12.  I hope to see you there!  I don't have a US phone number yet, so if you'd like to get together, please send me an email.
Can you fix things?

Missionaries aren’t just pastors and Bible teachers.  Many skills are needed on the mission field.  We especially need people who can come alongside our PNG co-workers and train them in the skills needed to keep our centers and bush houses running. 

There are so many hidden stories left in the footage of this video that I had to cut.  I really enjoy putting the pieces together.  Please pray for Steve in this video.  His team is hoping to move into their bush houses at the first of the year. They've really come a long way from when this video was first filmed!
Tribal Update- Kaje

Something very exciting just happened among the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea.  They heard in the Kaje language that they have a Savior who died to pay for their sin and heal their relationship with God. 

In the weeks leading up to this, almost the whole village of 300, and even some neighbors, have been gathering four times a week to hear chronological Bible lessons.  They have been attentive, and their hearts and minds have been open and contemplative of the truth they have been hearing all the way from Genesis. 

Abby Goheen, one of the team members, explains that, “God’s story of redemption is like a beautiful tapestry woven together with so many intricate pieces of thread, making up one large beautiful piece. Without those individual details the picture would not be complete. The stories throughout the Old Testament are just like those pieces of thread, weaving together to present a beautiful picture of God’s love for mankind. Without these stories, the picture would not be complete or as meaningful. As much as we want to hurry up and teach the people about Jesus, we don’t want to give them a picture that is incomplete or hard to see. We want them to see the full picture of God’s amazing love for them.”

The Kaje team has done a beautiful job of sharing what they are teaching and how the people respond on Facebook.  You can follow along and pray on the NTM PNG Facebook page.

My last month was full of so many good things.  And everything that needed to get done did. (which is really always the case, isn't it?)

I get to come home for Christmas! 

I have a place to live when I come back to PNG, and they were also willing to store my many boxes while I was away for this month.

For a church among the Kaje people.

For sweet time with a few families this past month.

For how increadibly healthy I've been this year.  I was looking through my medicine cabinet as I was packing it up and realized I never used most of it!

Praise for our water system replacement needs being met!

Praise for these ladies who came to say goodbye to me early in the morning!
Prayer Requests

Pray for my current travel home, that my flights will go smoothly and arrive when expected!

My computer has had issues all year.  Please pray for favor in getting those fixed, hopefully for free.

Pray for my time at home to be sweet; that I could stay healthy and spend a lot of good quality time with the people I love. 
Pray for an opportunity to go into a tribe. I’ve found that as I’ve been making videos,  I don’t have a lot of footage of missionaries themselves.  Ideally, I need to go into a tribal location for a day or two to get some footage of missionaries in their daily ministry. 

Pray that I will be able to go to the Western Conference and share resources with the missionaries there.

Pray for wisdom in whether or not to restart my language study.

Pray for my work here to result in missionaries being encouraged and prayed for.

Pray for more laborers in support ministries so that we are able to serve church planters effectively.  We need those with technical skills, nurses, teachers and IT people.
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Summer's Blog
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