Summer Zimmer, Communications Manager
Papua New Guinea: September 2019
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So, I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my personality type and what that means I need to able to function well.  I’m an introvert, I need alone time.  I’m an ISF(or T)J and organizational structure, continuity and security are all valued.  I’m Gold, so I like set routines and organized ways of doing things.  I need to know what is expected of me and I always want to know if I’m on the right track.  On another slide it says I need  stability, organization, appreciation, and time.

As you might guess, some of those things aren't found in abundance on the mission field. Flexibility, adaptability and spontaneity may be more handy here.

But in the Bible Study I’m doing on Acts, it suggests that you can ask the Lord to control every part of your personality through His Spirit.  So, I wonder at what point I will stop leaning into the needs and weaknesses of my personality type? When will I, instead, lean into the Holy Spirit to give me grace and peace in all circumstances, even those that don’t meet the needs of my personality? One of the girls taking this Orange, Green, Blue, Gold personality test that we use here made the point, as we mature in Christ don’t you think we’ll become an even balance of all four?

So, pray with me that the Lord would control every part of my personality through the power of His Spirit, so that I might have grace and peace to function well in times when I lack control, when there is no stability, when there’s no one to affirm that I’m on the right track, and when there’s no continuity, stability, and I need to be flexible.
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What's next?

If you missed my recent printed newsletter, I am planning on returning to PNG after a month home for Christmas to continue as the Communications Manager.  I will also be coming back to Indiana for two months over the summer to work from home, so I can break up the time away from loved ones.
If you would like to get together to hear more about what God is doing in Papua New Guinea and through my ministry, just respond to this email, and I’d love to set up a time for us to meet in January before the 18th.  I’ll also be sharing at WCC on January 9th at a Missions Night that I’d love to see you at.
I’m sure for all of you, December seems like a long time away, but after almost 9 months away I’m looking at it like it’s right around the corner.  It’s such a strange dynamic to be happy and content here and excited about what I’m working on and loving the people here, but also longing for home and the people I love there.  I am so excited to see family and friends, eat bacon at the Cozy Cottage, worship at WCC and swim at the Y.  I imagine the days there will fly by, so I’m grateful I get to come back in May as well.
This coming week is our Central Conference and I’m excited to meet some of the church planters serving in the Central area that I haven’t met yet.  I’m going to go each day to hear their updates, but will also have an opportunity to invite them to see me if they need communications help, a family photo or would like a video interview of themselves.
This is finally the Hoskins video project I worked on this summer!

Imagine being alone as a family in a tribal location with minimal communication with the outside world.  For months at a time.  Your understanding of the language is very limited, and each day is exhausting merely in trying to understand and be understood.  But then there’s also the work that goes into keeping up a house and creating meals when supplies are limited and can only be brought in every 3 months or so. 
As you think of that, what would you want most when you are able to leave that location for a week or two?  For our missionaries in the Eastern Area, who almost entirely work as single family units within a tribe, Hoskins is a place of fellowship, rest, encouragement, guidance and refueling- emotionally and physically.  Hoskins is necessary for our missionaries to be able to continue, but because of the climate and the lack of personnel, many of the facilities there have become dilapidated and in need of repair. 
We need you.  We need funds to be able to replace these homes and skilled laborers and trades people to come and rebuild, so that Hoskins can be a place of respite for our missionaries.
We are looking for teams of 4-6 people with at least one person who is highly skilled to lead the team.  It would be an estimated $2500-$3500 per person for the trip.  Lord willing, we will start to build in January.  If you have interest in forming a team, contact Travis Ray, the Eastern Area Coordinator at
Or if you would like to contribute to the building project please
  1. Check:  mail a check payable to Ethnos360 to Ethnos360 312 West First Street Sanford, Florida 32771-1231.  On the memo line enter “PNG 218260 ER - HKN House Build Donations” 
  1. Credit card:  Go to scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Give Where Most Needed” Enter the amount you would like to donate and click “Submit”. On the Check out page click on “Add notes, designations or instructions for the Finance Office” and write “PNG 218260 ER - HKN House Build Donations” in the box, select “Ok” and then proceed to enter your payment information. 
If you didn't receive my print newsletter quarterly throughout this year and would like to, please email me your mailing address.

If you would be interested in being part of my financial support this coming year, please email me or see the Ethnos360 giving page.

Thank you so much to all of you who have given, written, texted, sent letters or packages and overall just been an encouragement to me.  None of us could be here doing this without those of you who encourage, pray and support.

I have co-workers that moved to another country in the Asia Pacific region and they are struggling to survive there (please pray for them) It has made me realize how blessed I am to be here where we’re all here to serve one another and take care of one another.
I’ve received a lot of affirmation from people here that they appreciate what I’m doing and find it valuable.  That goes a long way.
I am so blessed by getting to come home in December and May, and I can’t even describe to you how excited I am. 
I’ve spent some time reading through my prayer journal from last year at this time and how I was praying for God’s provision for this year- financially, in friendships, a place that feels like home, direction and wisdom in my position. He has taken care of all of it.  Even the months where my expenses were higher due to flights or accommodation elsewhere, He took care of it.
Before I came, they were really wanting me to do more with social media.  You might know that social media is not my favorite thing, so I put if off as long as I could, but now that I’ve started it, it’s amazing to look through reports from our tribal missionaries and see all that God is doing here and see joy and perseverance even for those in difficult situations.  What an example!  Check out our NTM PNG Facebook page
I’m grateful for a group of ladies to pray with for the tribal works.

I had a few weeks of health issues and now I’m grateful be feeling well again. 
Prayer Requests

Pray for the two videos I’d like to finish in the next few weeks.  One on our need for technical services and skilled workers to come and train the PNG citizens in maintenance skills and the other to point out to coming missionaries the need for families to join existing works that have been started but are needing more laborers.
Pray for balance and peace in what I commit to.  I am excited about starting the walking/running club and some prayer times I get to be a part of and Bible Studies and having people for dinner, but I also want to make sure I have time to seek the Lord and be resting in Him and that I get enough sleep and have time to keep in touch with people at home!
Pray for two presentations coming up this week and hopefully the one-on-one meetings that will come from them, that I could really help my co-workers here connect well with their churches. 
I had one family ask for help in setting up pit crews at several churches that support them.  Pray that those I’ve emailed with the idea would receive it with interest and that this becomes the start of many missionaries having a support group that pours into them well.
There are 3 projects I’ve recently created fundraising write-ups or videos for- a new helicopter, the housing projects for our Eastern Support Center (above), and our water system here at Lapilo.  All are urgent needs. Please pray for God’s provision and wisdom for me in communicating these needs.
Pray for my ability to trust the Lord and His provision for my next year.  Time and time again I find Him faithful to take care of exactly what I need.  Help me cling to His faithfulness when I have no control over my circumstances.  Housing for next year is tight.  They aren’t sure yet where they’ll put me, and I need patience in the not knowing when I, of course, want to plan ahead for what I’ll need.  Also, I need to trust His provision of funds for this next year’s support.
More stories of what God is doing in Papua New Guinea can be found through social media:
NTM PNG Facebook
NTM PNG Facebook
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