Summer Zimmer, Communication Manager
Papua New Guinea: August 2019
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So on my recent trip to Australia on break with dear friends from home, we drove along the coast with breathtaking views around every curve (see video clip) and my friend who was driving on the left-hand side of the road/right-hand side of the car, told a funny story about how when you’re the driver, you have “just one job!”- to keep us alive.  And she’d have to remind herself of that as we’d come upon these beautiful views and she’d want to stare at the waves, the mountains and the sun peeking through the clouds. Or another time as kangaroos were hopping along the road (this happens in Australia), “just one job!” we’d say.
At the time, I thought it was hilarious.  I’m not the world’s best driver, so I know some of you have ridden with me before when it’s gotten really slow, because I can’t listen to you and drive at the same time.  I'm not very good at making driving my "just one job." 

But later when I was back at Lapilo, the thought came back to my mind-- “Just one job.” I’m reading a book about missions and building healthy churches--did you know that missions is the “just one job” of the Church?  The Church as a whole--not just the pastor or not just the one crazy guy who’s been living in some place you’ve never heard of before for 20 years and you see every 4. It’s the job of the WHOLE CHURCH.  Christ left his disciples saying “Go make disciples of all nations.”  His last instruction, given as a command, but also scattered throughout the rest of the Old and New testaments as a Biblical Mandate.  (If you want to learn more about this, try out Perspectives or read Discovering Global Missions).
But this struck home even more deeply to me as my co-workers and I were praying for our beloved supervisor here in ICT (IT with Communications stuck in there).  We were choking back tears--all of us, not just me for once—because he and his beautiful family have decided to serve somewhere else where the Gospel needs to be made known.  After we all prayed for him, he prayed about being able to stay focused on the “just one thing,” as Paul did, Jesus Christ and his glory.  In his prayer he didn’t focus on the hindrances or the possible struggles. He didn’t pray for his extremely social and friendly family moving to a place where they won’t be able to communicate with anyone, because no one speaks English.  They can’t take any of their stuff from here because the excess baggage fees are outrageous.  He didn’t pray about being able to find the stuff that they’ll need.  Of course they’re not going for any pay raise, but he didn’t ask for God’s provision. He asked the Lord for strength to focus on the “just one thing” that was of utmost importance.  He declared the worthiness of Christ, over and over.  Lord help us all throw off anything that hinders and find you as our “just one thing” Phil. 3:12-14
I so often focus on the coast and the sunshine and the beauty of the mountains or the people I love – all the blessings of what I have been given.  Those aren’t bad things, unless they take away from the “just one job” I have.  Please join me in praying for the Arterberry family as they keep their focus on Christ and pray that I (and possibly you too) can live in the same way, remembering that our God is the one who knows our needs and provides good gifts to His children.
What's coming up next . . .
Here it’s a new school semester and with that lots of families have come back from home assignment and it’s strange to have all of these new people I don’t recognize.  There were two names of families I kept thinking I should have over for dinner, and then I found out that one has 4 girls and the other 5 boys!  So here I go, on the adventure of meeting new people again!

I'm still working on several videos and a new one was added to the list last week.  Please pray that I could be effective in communicating what is needed, both in personnel and funds.  Taking care of some of these video projects will be my focus for the next few weeks.

I am also reminded often how significant it is for me to have such a strong support group, specifically in my "Pit Crew," and I want to start reaching out to people here to help them start support groups within their home churches.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in this work as I come alongside missionaries and those who send them and help them connect in carrying out the Great Commission together.
This is one of the awesome videos that our visiting volunteer videographer, Travis, made.  Praise God that his time here went well.  Please pray that this video can be effective in helping our aviation department be successful in serving our bush missionaries. 
May the God of hope fill you completely with joy, peace and Shalom as you continue trusting in Him, so that you may abound with confident hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 Combined Versions

I had a beautiful visit with friends from home.  See pictures here.

Praise the Lord for his provision for me in the first 6 months I was working here.  I was supervised by two people who were exactly who I needed to get started in knowing who people were and how to make videos and work out the IT troubles I had.  Please continue to pray for smooth functioning of equipment.

I have a new friend who will prayer walk around center with me!

The visiting videographer did a great job!  Even interviews in the rain didn't phase him!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our team in ICT as the workload increases and we have lost 2 team members this past month.  Pray for love and unity with one another to keep us going.  We do have a new teammate on the way.  Pray that he likes Macs.  (I'm only partially joking).

Pray for my effectiveness this season, as so many new people arrive, it's a constant re-education process.  I'm here to help missionaries connect with support and encouragement and to mobilize the Church in engaging with Missions.

Pray for wisdom for me as I consider next steps.
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