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Papua New Guinea: January 2020
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Besides family and friends the best things about being in the States were:
1.  Christian radio and new music
2.  The Apple Store and their ability to fix the problems I've been having with my computer for the past 11 months by sending it away for all of 3 days.
3.  The Cozy Cottage, of course.
4.  Swimming at the Y
5.  My couch and fireplace and carpet (softness on my feet!)
6.  My dishwasher
7.  Risotto, salmon, bacon, authentic Mexican food and sushi
8.  Worship and Mission Nights at Warsaw Community Church
9.  Y Basketball and being around for new life events
10.  General accessibility- you need a part for your computer?  You can actually drive to a store and buy it!

But if you really want to see the best things about being in the States . . .
Click on the image above to see what things I really miss the most when I'm away and the best blessings of being home.
Thoughts from the plane. . . What a whirlwind this time home has been.  Most days I was out visiting with people for a walk on the track at the Y, swimming in the pool, or sharing breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  It was all so good, and my heart is full.  At first, I was just a jumble of words, so I apologize to anyone I only saw in those first weeks.  You were part of helping me process through, and the Lord was faithful to provide me with clear thoughts by the time I needed to speak at church.

I realized with renewed clarity why I believe missionary care is important and why the church's role in that care is vital. My role is to help churches and missionaries connect, so that the church can invest in their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.  I was renewed with excitement about the way God can and wants to use the experiences and skills He's given us to further His kingdom  (*Pray for more laborers to fill the gaps we have here in PNG) But over everything else I've learned this year I have seen that the Lord God is trustworthy to lead us step by step into the purposes He has for us and to provide for us abundantly in those steps.  He is faithful

Thank you to every one of you I was able to share this journey with while home.  Thank you for listening and for your prayers.  You are such a a blessing to me.

In going through my prayer requests for the past year and a half I was able to highlight so many that had been answered and share that with my pit crew, so we could rejoice together. Some of the most noticeable were: the blessing of a house this past year that felt like home where I could host families and groups and get to know people.  I also found so many activities that I enjoyed getting involved in– hockey, running club, two Bible Studies, a group exercise class, a group of ladies that prays together for our tribal works, and even teaching jump rope at the elementary school.  God has connected me with and given me such a love for the missionaries I work with here.  He's given clear direction on what to focus on next and as I go back, I'm relying on Him to do that again. 
My time sharing with my home church, Warsaw Community Church
What's next?

I'm back in Papua New Guinea and settled into a new apartment.  This coming week I get to go on a bush trip to a tribe called Wusuraambya.  I'll be there only over three days, but it will be helpful to be able to get footage for some upcoming videos I'd like to make.  I'll also be helping the missionaries there with creating a presentation for their upcoming home assignment.

In March, I'm hoping to sit in on a few weeks of language classes so that I can grow a little more in my ability to speak Pidgin.  I am still seeking the Lord's guidance on how much time to spend pursuing language study.

Also in March, I'll be visiting our Eastern Area's conference so that I can share a little bit about communicating effectively and also be available if they'd like help with anything.  It's a great opportunity for me to hear what's going on with them and gain a greater understanding of how to encourage them.

I've purchased tickets to Milan, Italy in May for a Mobilization Conference that will be happening there between all of the countries that work together as Global Partners of New Tribes Mission PNG and Ethnos360.  This is the first time this group will be coming together.  Please be praying for unity, collaboration and wisdom on how to help each other move forward toward mobilizing more laborers to see the unreached, reached.

In between all of that, I'll be working on sending out new Communication Tips to our missionaries with ways to make it easier for them to communicate with their sending churches and supporters, and I'll be creating some new videos.
When New Tribes Mission PNG has all the staff that it needs in each department: business, IT, aviation, medical, maintenance, education . . . we are able to support the work of over 81 church planting families around the country.  Support workers make it easier for church planters to stay focused on their primary goal– reaching the tribal people in their location with the truth of the Gospel in their heart language and discipling them until a mature church is established.  When there is a gap in one or more areas, making sure those church planters are adequately supported is harder to do. 
We are looking at some significant gaps in our teaching staff for the 2020-2021 school year.  When there aren’t enough teachers, Numonohi Christian Academy has to limit the services (grades or courses) that are offered. Parents who work in support ministries then bear a greater burden in educating their children, which creates a ripple effect that affects church planters’ ability to focus purely on the task at hand.
For the 2020-2021 school year, we have needs in just about every area, but our CRITICAL needs include several elementary school teachers, a high school science teacher and a high school English teacher.  One hundred and sixty-five students are served at NCA.  If you have teaching or administrative skills, you could join New Tribes Mission PNG for as little as one year and contribute to something that lasts forever. 

My time home was such a blessing.  It was great to be able to process through the last year with my closest friends and mentors.  I came away with renewed vision and a stronger confidence in God’s goodness and faithfulness to lead us and provide for us- and what a gift He has given us in one another. 

It was also such a blessing to connect with my family and spend time with them.

I was happy to come back to PNG.  I love both places.

I’ve settled into my new apartment and am really liking it.  I’ll move again at the end of February, so pray for my next transition and the ability to adjust to each new space.  Pray that I’ll be able to use wherever I live as a place to connect with other missionaries and encourage them.

All my flights went well and my luggage and everything made it through without extra charge. 

My computer is fixed!

I get to go on a bush trip!  Please pray that the flights go smoothly.
Prayer Requests

Pray for a renewed focus on setting aside time to seek the Lord each morning and additional longer times throughout the month.  

Pray for opportunities to connect with missionaries from the Western area.

Pray for my time at the Eastern Conference to be fruitful, that I could be an encouragement to the Eastern church planters and help them connect in a deeper way with their churches.

Pray for more teachers to come and teach at our school so that all of our support workers can continue on in their ministries­.  Pray that our church planters would continue to be taken care of despite the shortage of staff in some areas.

Pray for opportunities for me to get footage for videos that will help tell the story of why we do church planting the way we do. 

Pray for my time in Wusuraambya, that I could be an encouragement and help to the Gouds.

Pray for my effectiveness and focus as I settle back in to ministry.  There’s so much I could do.  Pray for the Lord’s leading on what step He has for me next.
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