You must know your top 10 values. And have a clear 1-page vision. But don't forget about your purpose and mission. Great! Now figure out the perfect strategy that will get you all of that. For each strategy, list a minimum of 5 specific goals. Oh… and milestones. Don't forget your milestones... and outcomes. And make sure you break it up into short-, medium- and long-term objectives. Can you also do a headstand? It will get your brain pumping!

Are you any clearer? I'm guessing not! 

No wonder so many people find it difficult to get clear about anything. Just thinking about gaining clarity on anything can feel like a direct road to being unclear about everything. 

Don't get me wrong - clarity is your North Star. It is the first step that catapults your leadership and success - because when you are clear about what you really want (and why you want it), the road to success is not just attainable, it feels inevitable. Two of my clients recently experienced this, which is always an honour for me to experience. 

The first is Emmitt, who had been going in circles for years on how to get out of the conventional, highly-sought-after job he didn’t want, to pursue his dreams of building a business in a creative industry.  Emmitt had hunches and ideas but had never allowed himself to truly commit to what he knew he was meant to do on this earth. Through our partnership, he gained that crystal clarity and shared his 2-sentence purpose statement with me. The results of this was an Emmitt more focused, confident, and calmer than I had ever seen him. Decisions that previously put him into a “spiral of doom” became effortless and obvious and his previous self-doubting seemed to have disappeared. Why did that 2-sentence statement have such a profound and transformational effect? In Emmit's tranquil words, “It is ME”. 

The second is Paula. Paula and I had been working on her confidence after major professional and personal challenges. Paula's superpowers are rooted in her natural intuition and her care and compassion for others, yet these knock-backs resulted in her questioning her abilities as a leader, resulting in her avoiding making decisions. Our work focused on Paula getting clear about her core, unmovable values; her unshakable beliefs. Once she got crystal clear on her values, the rest flowed. Big company decisions became easy, resulting in a series of her best revenue months ever!

Emmitt and Paula are different in many ways, yet the thing that helped them leap to their potential and break long-standing limitations was the same - CLARITY. It enabled both of them to become more confident leaders and more effective decision-makers.

Here's the SECRET: it’s not about doing it all, in a scripted, templated, overly intellectual process, because we are all unique and different! It’s about gaining your unique style of clarity that you feel unexplainably connected to. 

Pick from our OTITỌ Actionable Tips below for simple, practical, and impactful actions you can take today to effortlessly gain the clarity you seek and be a more effective decision-maker and leader, just like Emmitt and Paula!

Warmest Regards,

Yewande Faloyin | OTITỌ
CEO | Leadership Coach | Consultant | Speaker

OTITỌ Next Level Leaders Collective
P.S. Want to gain the CRYSTAL CLARITY you need to accelerate your success? Join us in the newly launched Next Level Leaders Collective! We kick-off next week with advice and resources on all things CLARITY! 
----- OTITỌ Actionable Tips -----

1. Start with what resonates with you. If you are very visual try visioning. If you have a strong sense of self, your values may be a better place to start.

2. Take the pressure off through experimentation & curiosity. Like most things in life, your clarity develops, like a 1,000 piece puzzle. Enjoy the journey.

3. Sit in the stillness and listen within. Ok, I know that sounds majorly-woo, but it’s true. Unfortunately, getting clear on your North Star rarely comes from an intense problem-solving session (sorry, consultant). Connecting with what matters most to you and why is a faster route. And the best way to do this is to stop, breath and listen to what you already know.  
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