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Now is the time of year when we find out which Discoveree Committee members have the energy for another event, which do not, and which want to try a new job.  We are looking for volunteers who would like to take on the following roles:
If you volunteer, you are just committing to help with Discoveree 2022.  After that, whether you continue is up to you.  You can even come to a meeting to check us out and see what it's all about!  We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm on Zoom.  If you are interested, please contact us!
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Leader Feature: Girl Scouts Tackle Climate Change

Every month we will have ideas, tips, and resources for you to use during troop meetings or as part of your Girl Scout year. 

Our parent organization, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, has created a program to help girls combat climate change.  Girls are hearing about climate change and they want to help.  But since the challenges are on a global scale, trying to decide how to help can be daunting.  While there are many steps an individual and their family can do to help, as an organization, Girl Scouts have committed to planting 5 million trees by 2026.
With your girl or as a troop, you can be part of this nationwide commitment.  And even better, it can be done while managing Covid-19 restrictions since you can be outside and socially distant.  Girls can unlock this patch once they have logged their tree:
Are you a service team member?  Fall is a great time to plant trees in California - consider hosting a larger scale event for your service unit.  Many cities will provide trees free of charge if you will agree to plant it.

Workshop Feature:  Did you know?

Many volunteers have questions about becoming a workshop leader. 

Did You Know?
  • Workshop leaders get to attend the rest of Discoveree for free.
  • We treat you to lunch at an in-person event.
  • You can run a workshop with someone, you do not have to do it alone.
  • You can request a specific session for your workshop.
  • You can request a double session or to run into lunch time if your workshop will take more than the usual time.
How do I become a Workshop Leader (WSL)?
Anyone can be a WSL, you just need a skill/knowledge/or activity you are willing to share with others.  This can be a craft, outdoor skill, specific Girl Scout Training, or other activity.  We begin contacting our WSL list in earnest in the summer.  Want to be on our list?  Just fill out this out this form.

Important Discoveree Dates

  • April-June 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Committee Forms
  • June/July 2021 - Format of Discoveree 2022 Set
  • Summer 2021 - Workshop Leaders Submit Their Workshop Ideas
  • September 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Program Developed
  • November 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Registration Opens
  • Jan/Feb 2022 - Discoveree 2022 (date TBD)
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You received this because you have attended Discoveree in the past, are part of a service unit team, or were suggested for inclusion by a Discoveree Committee member.  We hope you find it useful!
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