Discoveree is Two Weeks Away!

We are excited that you are joining us for the first ever Virtual Discoveree!  We are sad that we will not be meeting in person but we are very happy that we can be meeting virtually and continue the 53 year tradition of Discoveree.  Our goal is to maintain the hands-on components of our workshops along with the ability of volunteers to share with each other.  Those connections are what makes Discoveree special!

In this email we cover:
  • Workshops You Signed Up For
  • Things to do now to get ready for Discoveree
  • The Event Schedule
  • Zoom Etiquette for Discoveree
  • Workshop Recordings
  • Help for Technical Issues
  • Ordering your Discoveree Patch
  • Evaluations
  • Share YOUR Event with Discoveree Participants
  • Share your Discoveree Experience on Social Media
Zoom Links will be posted on the Participant's Page

Password: "training"

Remember, we will be taking attendance so no sharing!

Workshops You Signed Up For

Registration Name: <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>
Registration Email: <<Email Address>>
Session 1 - <<Session 1>>
Session 2 - <<Session 2>>
Session 3 - <<Session 3>>
Session 4 - <<Session 4>>
If this information does not match your registration, please contact for assistance.

Things to Do Now

To get ready for Discoveree, we ask that you do a few things now...
  • Watch your mailbox for the Participant Packet which will include your Discoveree 2021 rocker and some Discoveree swag.
  • Check the Discoveree 2021 page to determine if you need any materials for your workshops (supplies and handouts will be included at the bottom of the workshop description and are denoted by an * in the table).
  • Determine what device you will use for Discoveree. We strongly recommend your desktop/laptop.  A tablet will work but it is much more difficult to use with Zoom.
  • If you are new to Zoom, we suggest you do the following:


Here is our schedule for the day. We are using eight different Zoom Rooms for the event.  All links will be accessed from the Participant's Page.  Please join your workshop zoom room at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.  We have allowed extra time to join the zoom room at the start of the day so you have plenty of time to work out any technical issues.

8:30 am        Discoveree Zoom Main Meeting Link Opens
9:00 am        Opening Ceremony
9:30 am        Session 1 Workshops
10:30 am       Break
10:45 am      Session 2 Workshops
11:45 am       Lunch Break - Discussion Opportunities
12:45 pm      Session 3 Workshops
1:45 pm         Break
2:00 pm        Session 4 Workshops

Zoom Etiquette for Discoveree

For our event we ask that when we are all in the Main Meeting Room (during the opening ceremony) you use the following guidelines:
  • Everyone except the speaker will be on mute
  • Use the Chat Window to ask questions
  • Turning your video on is optional
During our Workshops, we ask that you use the following guidelines:
  • Feel free to un-mute yourself to ask questions of the workshop leader
  • Feel free to use the Chat Window to share information with other participants
  • Please leave your video feed on if your internet connection supports it

Workshop Recording

We WILL be recording all workshop sessions.  The purpose of this is to give you, our participants, access to all 28 of the workshops.  Our ability to do this is the "silver lining" of having to move to a virtual platform.  If you do NOT want your image recorded then YOU need to keep your video off during the entire event.

After the event, workshops recordings will be posted to the Participants Page on our website.  We will let you know via email when they are available.

Technical Issues

If you have technical issues during Discoveree here are a few things you can try:
  • Refresh your browser
  • Try a different browser
  • Close your browser and re-log in from the Zoom link
  • If your connection is not great...
    • turn off your video feed
    • move closer to your WiFi router
    • make sure no one else in your house is streaming
    • hard wire your device to the router
There will always be someone in the Main Meeting Room (where the Opening Ceremony was) if you have questions or technical issues.  That is where you should go for help.

Please note that our Workshop Leaders are broadcasting from all over our Council.  Internet connections are not always stable.  Please have patience as we all work in the virtual environment.

Order Your Discoveree Patch

First time at Discoveree?  Then you'll want to order your Discoveree patch!  We will be sending you the 2021 rocker in the participant's packet.  Click here to place an order for the main patch from our Council Store.


We are always trying to improve Discoveree and we greatly appreciate your feedback.  We ask that you complete an evaluation for each workshop and for the overall event.  You will be using the same workshop evaluation link for all four workshops - just fill it out four times.  Thanks in advance for filling them out.
Workshop Evaluation
Event Evaluation

Share YOUR Event

As participants arrive in our Main Zoom Room we will have a slide show of fun Girl Scout Trivia and events or groups they might like to hear about.  If you have a Girl Scout Group or Event you would like to share, please create a slide in either Google Slides or Power Point and send it to by January 15th.  The only requirement is that the group be open to all GS adults/volunteers and/or the event must be open to any girls in our council (level-specific events are ok).

Share Your Discoveree Experience on Social Media

Please share your experience on social media.  Take a picture of something you made/did or share the experience of your troop when you do the activity with them. We would love to hear about it since we cannot be there to take pictures ourselves.  Your post/picture may be featured in an upcoming Discoveree Newsletter or on our website! 
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Important Discoveree Dates

  • January 9, 2021 - Participant Swag Packets Mailed
  • January 15, 2021 - Regular Registration Closes
  • January 16, 2021 - Second Participant Swag Mailing
  • January 21, 2021 - Late Registration Closes (Swag arrives late)
  • January 23, 2021 - Virtual Discoveree!
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You received this because you have attended Discoveree in the past, are part of a service unit team, or were suggested for inclusion by a Discoveree Committee member.  We hope you find it useful!
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