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There's Still Time to Register for Discoveree

Thanks to over 150 Girl Scout volunteers who have already registered for our first-ever virtual Discoveree!  Many workshops are filled but there is still value in joining us because...
This year you will receive
Discoveree ALL ACCESS!
We are recording the workshops and you will receive links to the recordings of all 28 workshops after the event.
Register for Discoveree
Discoveree 2021 Workshops at a Glance

Participate in Our Girl Scout Community Forum

Do you have an event or group you want to highlight at Discoveree? We will be sharing Girl Scout opportunities as participants arrive.  Whether you are the organizer for a volunteer-run camp, putting on an event, or promoting an activity, we'd love to hear from you.  The only requirement is that the event be open to anyone in GS NorCal (specific levels is ok).  To participate, create your one page "flier" in Google Slides or Powerpoint and send it to by January 15th.
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Leader Feature: "Let a Discoveree Workshop Leader Lead Your Meeting!"

Every month we will have ideas, tips, and resources for you to use during troop meetings or as part of your Girl Scout year. 

There are several workshops that will teach me, a leader, how to teach an activity to the girls in my troop.  But instead of making sure I've got that knot or experiment right, this year you will have recordings of each workshop so you can let the expert take the lead.  Just play a part of the Discoveree Workshop recording at your next meeting and have the Workshop Leader virtually teach the activity!

Here are a few you might use...
Knots - play parts of the "Knots for the Outdoors" recording and have leader Karen Oliver teach your girls knots.  With multiple knots being taught, you could have a brief activity for several meetings.

Paint Night! - play the Acrylic Painting or Paint With Daisy workshops and create something beautiful with your girls!  Daisy is teaching us how to paint this adorable llama.

Make Lanyards - let workshop leader Gina Garitson teach your girls how to make a lanyard by playing parts of this workshop.


Make Some SWAPS! - have fun making swaps just for fun.  Have workshop leader Jennifer Foreman teach your girls how to make them, perhaps one per meeting for several meetings.  What a great way to add a little craft time!

STEM Fun - play parts of workshop leader Kindra Mendall's Science Magic or Easy Engineering Projects to have her lead your troop in these activities.


And so much more!  Remember you get access to all 28 workshops for the low price of $25!

Workshop Feature:  Troop Yoga or Tropical Island Yoga

Every month we highlight a different workshop that will be offered at this year's Discoveree.  This month's feature are two yoga workshops: Tropical Island Yoga in a Chair & Troop Yoga.

In Troop Yoga you will have fun learning movement and mindfulness games for girls of all ages and troop levels.  Yoga can help give you tools you can use in daily life to relax and be more focused on the present moment.  See if yoga helps you refocus after virtual classes, feel more prepared for sports or wind down before bed. In Tropical Island Yoga you will find out which chair yoga poses are like surfing, swimming and sunbathing to help soothe our nervous systems and stretch & strengthen our bodies. ​ 

Important Discoveree Dates

  • Early January - Participant Letter & Swag Mailed
  • January 15, 2021 - Regular Registration Closes
  • January 21, 2021 - Late Registration Closes (Swag arrives late)
  • January 23, 2021 - Virtual Discoveree!
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