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We're Seeking Workshop Leaders for Discoveree 2022

It's that time of year when we reach out to our Girl Scout community to find volunteers willing to share their knowledge, skills, or talents with other Girl Scout volunteers.  In short, we are seeking Workshop Leaders.  No prior experience necessary!  You just need a willingness to share your talent and the ability to join us on Saturday, February 26, 2022. 

People often ask us "What kinds of workshops do you want?"  We generally break our workshops into these categories:
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  • Outdoor Skills (knots, outdoor cooking, knife skills, geocaching, etc.)
  • Songs & Games
  • Crafts (whether for personal hobbies or troop crafts)
  • Troop Program (badge workshops, activities to be used during a troop meeting, etc.)
  • Volunteer Training (Diversity Training, LGBTQ+ sensitivity, Camp Out!, Extended Troop Travel, First Aid, etc.)
We do not have a specific list of workshops we want to offer.  Instead we see what our volunteer network is willing to do. 

If you are an amazing, multi-talented volunteer and could offer any one of a number of workshops, please include that in your form and we will contact you once we see what other volunteers are willing to offer.  We love these types of volunteers!

BONUS!  If you are a workshop leader, you get priority parking, we buy you lunch, and you get to attend the rest of Discoveree 2022 for free.  What a deal!
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Leader Feature: Service Project Ideas

Every month we will have ideas, tips, and resources for you to use during troop meetings or as part of your Girl Scout year. 

We all know that service is a key part of any scouting experience.  But sometimes for a leader it's just one more thing to figure out and coordinate.  Looking for an easy-for-YOU service project?  Then consider participating in one of GS NorCal's on-going service projects.  They have the programming, contacts, and badges all ready for you!

Individual Project Sites


Workshop Feature: Get Your Trainings Done!

Every month we feature some aspect of our Discoveree Workshops.

It's time for Back To Troop.  Whether in-person or still virtual, there are always trainings that need to be done.  There are several that are either required to be in-person or are just better that way.  There are also trainings leaders have requested to help them lead girls during this challenging time.  We are actively seeking workshop leaders so we can provide these workshops at Discoveree 2022:
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) - What does it mean and how do I do it?
  • LGBTQ+ - How do I make my troop a welcome place for all girls?
  • Camp Out - Learn those in-person skills to take your troop camping
  • First Aid - Because we all need it every two years!
  • Extended Troop Travel - What you need to know for longer adventures with your troop.
Have something to contribute?  Consider becoming a workshop leader and share your knowledge with other volunteers.

Important Discoveree Dates

  • Summer 2021 - Workshop Leaders Submit Ideas
  • September 15 2021 - Workshop Leader Ideas Due
  • October 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Program Developed
  • December 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Registration Opens
  • February 26, 2022 - DISCOVEREE 2022
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