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Leader Feature: Girl Scout Week

Every month we will have ideas, tips, and resources for you to use during troop meetings or as part of your Girl Scout year. 

From the GSUSA website: "Girl Scout Week is celebrated each March, starting with Girl Scout Sunday and ending with Girl Scout Sabbath on a Saturday, and it always includes Girl Scouts’ birthday, March 12." What will your troop's Girl Scout Week include?

Modified from the GSUSA blog...

Celebrate Inclusivity
Girl Scout Week starts with Girl Scout Sunday and ends with Girl Scout Sabbath. Whether you're Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, follow another faith or are not religious, take some time today to connect with your beliefs and values and learn about someone else's.  And take a moment to perform an act of kindness - that's something everyone believes in!

Mission Sisterhood
Give a big shout-out to your Girl Scout sisters!  Whether you tag other Girl Scouts on social media or get creative and make a card or gift for a Girl Scout in your life, don't be bashful about sharing the love!

Do a Good Turn Daily 
Perform an act of kindness.  Whether you pay for a stranger's cup of coffee, drop flowers on the doorstep of an elderly neighbor, or hang fun drawings in your window, every bit of positivity Girl Scouts put out there helps make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Scout Spirit Day
Break out your Girl Scout gear.  Whether a cookie shirt, a camp shirt, a troop shirt or just some Girl Scout bling, this is your chance to show your spirit!

Try Something New
Girl Scouts is all about stretching your boundaries in a safe environment.  Is there a new craft or activity you've been thinking about trying?  This is the day to do it!

Get Outdoors
Girl Scouts love the outdoors.  Whether you take a hike, go for a walk, or ride a bike, it's great to get outside.  Maybe try a new trail or go down a street you've never walked just to spice it up!
Happy Birthday Girls Scouts
On March 12th, throw a party!  Celebrate Girl Scouts' 109th birthday with a troop party complete with treats - maybe make mug cakes together - and reflect on what an amazing national and international movement you are a part of (did you know we are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize)!

Need more ideas?  Check out these week plans from other years and other councils!

Workshop Feature:  Be a Workshop Leader

Anyone can be a workshop leader for Discoveree - all you need is a skill, talent, or knowledge that you want to share with other leaders.  For instance, Kindra is a science teacher and a Girl Scout troop leader.  She attended Discoveree for many years and decided she wanted to give back.  So she combined those two roles and offered STEM workshops at Discoveree 2021. She had so much fun that she has four workshop ideas for Discoveree 2022!  What are your skills and passions?  Turn them into a hour and a half workshop and join our corps of workshop leaders.  Our participants love it when something new is offered at Discoveree!

Important Discoveree Dates

  • February 2021 - Recordings from Discoveree 2021 Released
  • Summer 2021 - Workshop Leaders Submit Their Workshop Ideas
  • September 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Program Developed
  • November 2021 - Discoveree 2022 Registration Opens
  • Jan/Feb 2022 - Discoveree 2022 (date TBD)
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