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The Ninth Love Letter...


I've been committed to getting out of bed by 5:30 every morning.

With the craziness of moving across the country slowly dissipating and the girls starting up at school, I'm getting back into My Morning Routine.

Unfortunately, Alexander has also been committed to getting out of bed at 5:35 every morning...

The girls start school on Tuesday and I cannot wait to establish a new routine.

(Where my Type A peeps at?!)

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I'm loving our new home and neighborhood. As much as I miss California (See: Weather), this has been the easiest transition thus far in our military moving adventures.

Lord knows I needed it, after a rough few months following my father's passing. To all the military spouses out there--or people considering a big move--I encourage you to hand over your worries to God.

This is the very first thing I do as soon as I know we're up for new orders.

I ask God to place us exactly where
we're supposed to be.

Notice I don't ask Him to put us in the "perfect" place--the place with the best and prettiest Pinterest house. Maybe His plan is to put me in a location where I need to learn a tough lesson, help someone in need, or overcome adversity.

No matter the circumstances, I know He will place my family in His Perfect Place.

He always does.


I am re-learning my relationship with social media -- particularly Instagram.

Back in November 2018, I went on a social media detox. Just this past week, I downloaded Instagram onto my phone again. While I've been back on Facebook in the last few months, I haven't ventured on Instagram in nearly a year.

I'm contemplating what I want my relationship to look like with this particular mode of media... and practicing self-control.

My weakness with Instagram?

If I'm being honest, I go down The Rabbit Hole of celebrity dancers. Yup.

I love watching shows like So You Think You Can Dance, World of Dance, and Dancing With the Stars. (Fun fact: I once got to meet a bunch of dancers from DWTS.)

I'll watch a video a dancer has posted then notice a comment of another dancer I admire, so I click on their profile and watch a video they've posted, then see a comment of yet another dancer, and before you know it, I'm so far down The Rabbit Hole you might as well tie a ribbon in my hair and call me Alice.

Instagram is not Wonderland.

My Wonderland is right in front of me.

What's your relationship like with social media? What can you do to make it healthier?

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So, tell me, what things are you currently loving & learning? And what makes you so loyal?!

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"A loyal girl, with a loving heart, who will never stop learning."

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