Making art is hard.
Doing something people don't understand is hard.
Therapy is hard.
Lifting weights is hard.
Grieving is hard.
Paying off debt is hard.
Creating work we're proud of is, almost always, hard.

So many of the worthwhile things in life—the things that ask us to meet ourselves and bring us closer to others—are so very hard.

But we can do hard things. Not all at once, and not perfectly, but bit by bit we can build up our capacity for discomfort.

Here's the best way I've found to do this: If you're really going through it in one area of your life (your business, your job, your finances, your health, a relationship, etc.) try building up your capacity in a seemingly unrelated area.

Commit to learning how to make great scrambled eggs, learn how to knit, take up an instrument, sign up for an improv class, go hiking, start a writing practice. The skills you develop—curiosity, courage, resilience, tenacity, confidence—aren't activity-specific. You'll bring them to everything you do.

This is why I love weight lifting so much. Repeatedly standing in front of a bar you don't think you can lift and then, somehow, throwing it over your head does wonders for your confidence. As soon as I learned I could do hard things within those gym walls it became easier to embrace that posture in the rest of my life. Skills translate.

And remember:

Life does not have to be easy in order to be beautiful.

Be kind to yourself out there ❤️



I'm writing about... why you should risk looking dumb, why your competitive advantage is empathy, why most brands have a trust problem not an awareness problem, and the difference between frustration and disorientation when it comes to your marketing.

I'm listening to... Missing the Bus on 99% Invisible, which talks about how the bus can help us build better cities and stronger communities. The bus is our access to work, civic participation, education, community... "It's access to all the things we need to live our full lives. That's what's at stake when we talk about buses and public transit." (thanks to Christa for sharing)

I'm thinking about... different ways to talk about and explain marketing. Marketing is not simply ads and social media and sales funnels (those are tactics), it's showing up for a group of people you care about and making life better for them by making them better things. I used my expert illustration skills (LOL) to put together The Iceberg Theory of Marketing last week. Let me know what you think, what's confusing and what resonates! I'd love to keep improving this.

I'm spending money on... therapy. I'm spending a lot of money on therapy and I couldn't feel better about it. It's been a goal of mine for a while to access trauma therapy and I now have the bandwidth. Bless!

I'm loving... YNAB. Speaking of spending money, I've been using YNAB to budget and manage my cash flow for the last few months and I am well and truly in love with it. I'd tried using it a few times in the past and found it impossibly confusing, but then I was introduced to the delight that is Nick True's YNAB For Beginners Guide. (thanks to Steph)

I'm reminding myself... that there is no shame in a slow climb. (thanks to Cait)
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