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Telecom News Digest

Here’s what’s been happening in telecom news recently.

California enacts law to mandate STIR/SHAKEN
On October 2, California passed the Consumer Call Protection Act of 2019. This law requires telecommunications service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN. Get the details here.
CTIA, NCTA and USTelecom urge broad safe harbor for robocall blocking
The FCC had stated their intention to provide a narrow safe harbor and invited comment. The CTIA, NCTA and USTelecom recommended a broad safe harbor instead. Here’s why.
Researchers identify Asterisk vulnerability
Hackers used a vulnerability in FreePBX software, since patched, to gain control of the server, read call files, listen to recorded calls, and make spoofed calls with complete anonymity. Details here.
FCC filings calling for Out-of-Band STIR
STIR/SHAKEN won’t work unless the Identity token survives transit across the telephone network. Often in today’s network, it won’t. That’s why several organizations have filed comments with the FCC urging support for Out-of-Band STIR. Here’s an overview.
FCC issues order to prevent access stimulation
The intention is to prevent access stimulation, which often presents as domestic traffic pumping. Here’s what they said.
New whitepaper: Rich Call Data and STIR/SHAKEN
Rich Call Data with STIR/SHAKEN will enhance telephone communications between enterprises and their customers. This paper explains how it works and benefits enterprises and their customers.
STIR/SHAKEN Special Offer
Sign up for a free implementation and join other providers protecting their customers from spam robocalls today. Special offer includes STIR/SHAKEN services, authentication and/or verification, on up to 1 million calls for no charge until the STI-PA and STI-CAs are up and running. Details here.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions about these news items or other topics we can help you with.

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