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"My Body Is Ready"

“There’ll be actual, real live people,
It’ll be totally strange—
But wow am I so ready for this change!”

-- Anna, Frozen

We’ve been waiting for this day, and we have a plan.
Level will reopen its doors on the 19th of June for personal training only, before returning to a new schedule of classes from the 20th of June. We’re taking this time to reopen slowly to make sure you come back to a clean and organised space, so bear with us as we get things in order.

Our classes will be limited to 5 participants each, and will be bookmarked by 15 minute slots so the previous class can get out, and the next class can get in. You will need to scan SafeEntry codes at the entrances of the gym and have your temperature taken. Our coaches will be wearing masks throughout the session, and our floors will be clearly marked to demarcate your useable space.

We will continue to run most of our classes on Zoom except for Strength classes, which will transition back to the studios in the form of Structure and Skill. Our Sweat, Handstand and Move classes will also be back on-site, in addition to their Zoom counterparts. Furthermore, we will be introducing new outdoor Sweat classes to our roster.

For the first 2 weeks, we also ask that you do not cross over between studios. For instance, if you go for an on-site class or Personal Training session at our Telok Ayer branch, please refrain from booking an on-site class or Personal Training session at our Robinson Road branch. We'd like to take this additional step to reopen slowly and safely.

An updated schedule of classes have been released for our Robinson Road and Telok Ayer branches, and bookings can be made via our website or the MindBody App. Because of the reduced class size, we ask that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance should you be unable to make the class, as you not doing so will greatly affect someone else’s chance of attending the class. If there is a no-show, we will strike an additional class (including the one you missed) from your package as a deterrent measure (so that's two classes we'll strike off).

If you purchased credits for online Zoom classes or remote coaching and wish to convert those into credit for on-site classes, please send an email to and we can help you make the necessary adjustments. If your class packs or PT packages expired over the course of the Circuit Breaker, please send an email to and they will help you reinstate your account.

We thank you all for your continued support in these unprecedented times, and we look forward to seeing you in the gym very soon!

What #BlackLivesMatter Means For Us

Desmond Tutu once said that “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
The Fitness industry in its many shapes, forms and mediums is both so global, yet local at the same time. The Black Lives Matter movement has revealed a host of fractures and divisions all around the world— fractures and divisions that have been there for a long time.

Our mission has always been about elevating people through the medium that is Strength and Conditioning, and that cause demands that we remain silent no longer. Our team is unanimous in our stance against racism in all its shapes and forms, and are working to create initiatives to provide tangible help towards this cause in Singapore.

To those in our community who may feel alienated, ostracised and made to feel “less than”, we are here for you. We will listen to you. We’re not pretending that we know all the answers nor are we saying that we are—or have been— perfect. This movement has been a timely wake up call for us to all get on the same page at this point in history.

We hope that everything happening in the world right now are but birthing pains for a new, equal and hopeful future; a future that is loving, kind, and yet still dissatisfied with the remnants of inequality that make up our present.

The Welcome Back Pack

Is that... a barbell? What are these two pieces of flesh along the side of my body and why do they hurt when I do pull ups? We get it, you haven't been near a gym in 3 months!

To help you build the momentum, we're launching "The Welcome Back Pack", a set of 5 Personal Training sessions for $449, to help you get back into the swing of things. The best part? It's for everyone.

If you're a new client, or if you've been with us in the era of BCB (Before Circuit Breaker-- watch this space, this is going to be an actual thing), we're welcoming you back with open arms. Simply approach our front desk to add this to your current package, or get it for a friend!

You could also send an email to if you're working from home, or if you don't want to get out of the house just yet!

Bienvenue, Lorène!
We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Lorène Dawance, the newest addition to the Edge Healthcare team! We caught up with the chirpy Lorène, who apologised for waffling on in her interview. Good thing we like waffles.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Lorène Annick Fred Dawance (this is literally my FULL name which I never use)-- in Belgium, at the time when I was born-- you got your Godmother's and Godfather's names as middle-names... hence the Fred!

Where did you train/study, and what do you specialise in?

I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in the UK with a Master's degree in Osteopath. I usually treat most issues from developmental issues to degenerative issues, to chronic to acute injuries. I also have an interest in women's health/pregnancy, children's development, headaches, and sports injuries. 

When and How did  you get started in this field: 
I started practising in 2015 after 4 years of study. I was actually thinking of going into Medicine, but ended up seeing an Osteopath myself for my headaches. I had never even heard of the word, but I trusted my mum's advice and went to see one (maybe this sparked my interest in treating headaches too as my Osteo back then helped me a lot). I got really interested in how you can help the body heal naturally and holistically using manual therapy instead of medication. The human body is fascinating!

How many years have you worked for, and do you have any memorable moments?

I've worked as an Osteopath for over 4 years now. Gosh memorable moments... so many! They mostly involve my lovely and hilarious patients and that would be breaking patient-confidentiality! To be honest, every day you can get someone feeling better or help them improve their daily life is amazing, and that's probably the reason why most osteos, physios, etc are doing what they are doing :)

The most memorable moments though, are probably the ones where you make a tiny change, which for the patient, is huge. For example, seeing the relief in someone who after years and years finally got referred to the right doctor in the hospital, and was then able to get proper treatment she needed, or the immense joy of a chef who lost the ability to move his hands and fingers finally being able to move his thumb so he could hold a spoon. 

What is it like starting a new job in the middle of the circuit breaker?

It's definitely odd and took some adjusting (still getting used to it to be honest). Being a bit rusty from not practicing during CB and then suddenly being in a new environment where you have to scan QR codes at every doorway, wear a mask (it gets real hot!) and gloves to treat patients was a bit of a shock on the first day. Also I've never seen the CBD so quiet, it's quite strange.

But it's also been really nice to be able to talk to people (patients) outside of my household!

Why Edge?

Well it was time for a change, as clearly i'm a Millennial and 4 years working in one company was getting too long! I'd heard only good things about Edge and had met Aman a few times who was always just so chilled and easy-going. Even my 'interview' was more of a friendly chat was over a few beers, so I knew straight away these are the bosses I want to work for! I hadn't met the others at Edge until just recently and they're all amazing and so down to earth. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at Level after all these 'Phases'.

We're looking forward to meeting you too Lorène! If you're in need of some pain relief after being cooped up at home, you can find Lorene and her colleagues just next door at Edge Healthcare! Simply email and they'll sort you (and your pain) out!

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