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Exercise and Mental Health
article by John Cheah

Exercise, in all its traditions, shapes, bells and whistles, is a good thing! It elevates the heart rate, improves metabolism and does its fair share for mental health by reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality and all the other benefits a quick Google search will educate you on.

Just to be clear, this is not an article about the benefits of Exercise when it comes to Mental Health. Just copy the title above, paste it in your favourite search engine, and you can find all the articles and write ups on how Exercise is a great thing.

Instead, I’m going to be talking about how the noise surrounding Exercise. See, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to dealing with mental health, and one thing I’ve learnt from my own struggle with the head demons is this: Taking a prescription meant for “most people” might be as damaging as the illness itself.

We live in a world where social media is a big driving force behind our decisions. We are influenced to do, buy, watch or go to things that kind of fit us based on our search histories and online activity. This means that we are led towards things that fall within the ambit of our interests and our likes— not the worst outcome for some, to be fair, because it might stop us from doing the heavy lifting when it comes to making decisions! That’s quite the service! However, as convenient as I find this to be for my food and music (read: Deliveroo and Spotify #notsponsored), I think it starts to become a dangerous thing when it comes to exercise.

This is an extremely tight line I’m walking on, because on one hand, exercise is a good thing, and this is reflected in ‘Healthy Living’ increasingly being a common theme in most online content. Now that’s not necessarily bad, because if all of this gets more bums off the chairs to start moving, I am for it.

On the other hand, ‘Healthy Living’ content is generating an incredible amount of noise, and like most instances of an incredible amount of noise, this is going to result in two things: Disorientation and Confusion. Both of these things aren’t that great for mental health, and you can have that tip for free.

From fitness models on bicycles to ‘125 exercises you should be doing’ to the nuclear family out for a stroll in the park in the latest government advertisement, the amount of noise out there is absolutely deafening. It creates a picture of what ‘normal’ or ‘socially acceptable’ or ‘optimising the balance between exercise and lifestyle’ is— all of these things quite confusing for the layman trying to find an in.

It doesn’t end there. This extends to what you should or should not be eating to maximise your fat loss window, whether or not you should buy a mega deal class pack so you can attend 3 classes a day or whether or not you should ‘join this community or not’.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all not bad things to consider! Good nutrition, sound programming and a good exercise community really help when it comes to taking exercise to a whole new level of health, both physically and mentally, but the sheer volume of advice out there can get quite scary, especially if you don’t know much to begin with.

I did my bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information, and the first lesson we learnt was that “The Medium is the Message”. To be honest, I still don’t really fully understand what that means, but here’s what I think it means here for Exercise and Mental Health: Exercise is a fantastic tool, but all the expectations, talk surrounding, and discord within Exercise is shooting it in the foot.

As messed up as that sounds, it really does bear a striking similarity to dealing with mental health in everyday life. The world is chaotic, messy and ugly, and if you’re suffering from something, stepping out into the regular world is also going to be difficult. But if you don’t step out, you’re also going to be missing out on all the colourful, intricate and illuminating things out there.

At the end of the day, it’s all about control, isn’t it? Finding just one thing you can control so that life doesn’t feel so uncontrollable.

The steps for Mental Health in Exercise, as well as in Life are similar. Find people you trust, find aspects you love and make sure you’re happy most of the time. You are probably going to fail and get scared because the disorientation and confusion exists in the same plane, but until we see the ugliness, we’ll never get to appreciate true beauty.

You're reading this from a gym newsletter, so you've already taken steps to make that decision on who to subscribe to. So if I might be so bold, look at your choices through this lens: If you're in doubt, it is good to be strong, it is good to have your mood improved, it is good to be happy. 

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The Newest Addition to our Team!
The word Calisthenics comes from the Ancient Greek words kalós (beautiful) and stenos (strength), and Kenneth certainly embodies that.  We caught up with him on his second week off the boat to find out a bit more about his journey in fitness and how that brought him here to teach at Level.

Welcome to Level! Tell us about yourself and how you started your fitness journey!

 I’ve always been active throughout my life, and sports has certainly been a huge part of it! I took a leap of faith and entered the fitness industry after leaving my corporate marketing job about 2 years ago.

I started my calisthenics journey around that time, and found my passion in coaching through working together as a community. Aside from sports and fitness, I also have a passion for art. I enjoy photography, videography and I am also currently brushing up on my digital illustration skills!

How long have you been doing calisthenics for, and what are you working towards in that discipline?

I started calisthenics about 2 years ago as I wanted to try something new after playing football since the tender age of 10. I was also part of the dragon boat team in polytechnic. I love the challenge and camaraderie that comes with calisthenics-- how we are constantly thriving to constantly improve and push each other, much like being on a dragon boat team! I am currently working towards more skill-based exercises such as achieving the Front Lever and Planche.

How did you start coaching?

I started coaching after being inspired by some of my closest friends around me, who  also happen to be in the fitness industry.

I've always wanted to be either in the field of sports or in the creative industry, so when I left my corporate job I told myself that I wanted to impact people for the better, much like how fitness has positively impacted my life both physically and mentally. It’s been 2 years and I haven’t looked back since!

How was it like working through the pandemic earlier this year?

It’s definitely been tough, but I’ve taken it with a pinch of salt and used the time to improve myself. I conducted a lot more online classes, and that definitely helped me with my communication and programming skills. I was also working with very limited resources!

I delved a lot more into my other interests such as photography, videography and illustration, picking up new skills along the way. I also increased my training frequency, working on my Strength and Calisthenics skills.
Not the worst lockdown!

What made you decide to join Level, and how has that been so far?

I attended a lot of Tiffany’s classes when I first started coming to Level and really enjoyed the vibe and community. It was a no brainer when an opening for a trainer popped up!

It’s been great so far; I love how even with the little time I’ve been here, I’m seeing progress from my clients, and I really enjoy the banter and laughter that goes on in every class!

Kenneth teaches Skill classes at Telok Ayer on Mondays at 5pm and 6pm, Tuesdays at 7pm, Thursdays at 5.30pm and Sundays at 11amSend an email to to reserve your spot in one of his classes!

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