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Failing Forward Podcast
March 2022

Because I’m Mine, I Walk the Line

You know when you find a favorite song, and you listen to it, like, one million times? Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. In high school, I’d have to wait until the tape deck rewound and guess at which point the song started. With the evolution of CDs, we could replay the song with a tap of a button, and same is true today with iTunes and Spotify. It has gotten easier and easier to listen to a song on repeat.

When I was little, I didn’t have consciousness around why I did that. It’s taken me 48 years to realize the song is trying to teach me something. It’s my inner self connecting to an idea, a feeling or a memory. The feeling could be sadness, desire, hope, courage or maybe it takes me back to a place in my life when things were good or maybe hard. Whatever that is, I think it’s our inner self telling us pause, listen and reflect.

Well, last month, I played a new favorite song for what felt like one million times. The song is called “We Can Do Hard Things” by Tish Melton, who is Glennon Doyle’s daughter. My favorite line is, “I continued to believe that I’m the one for me, and because I’m mine, I walk the line.” That verse resonates so much for me.

How often do you take the time to consider you are yours and no one else’s? Taking responsibility in and for our lives is a powerful thing. Beyond that, embracing that we are ours can help us check our external focus and check in with ourselves. 

Hearing that lyric also made me consider what walking the line means for me. How do you walk the line for yourself? Empowerment is baked into that question. I hope you’ll spend some time recognizing the power within and appreciating the many ways you own who you are.

Yours (and mine) in failure,

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Obsessions & Advice

Atlas of the Heart

One of Brené Brown’s many books, Atlas of the Heart puts language to feelings. Words are powerful, and naming our emotions can bring us closer to ourselves and others.

“We Can Do Hard Things” by Tish Melton

Give this song a listen when you need a mood boost. You can do hard things, because you already have.

Tip of the Month

Make a rejection goal. To face his fear of rejection, author and entrepreneur Jia Jiang completed 100 Days of Rejection. By the end, he learned how to turn a no into a yes and was more comfortable with failure.

“It’s easy to stay in that type of mindset where you’re angered by what you’ve lost, and when you do that, you don’t focus on what the hell you found.”
—Jay Williams

The former NBA player’s basketball career was cut short by a motorcycle accident. When other people wanted to define him by what he’d lost, he decided to change the narrative.

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This week on the show, I interview Robyn Johnson of Marketplace Blueprint. Then, I welcome Myron Rivers of Lerch.

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