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Failing Forward Podcast
April 2021

The Power of Accepting Failures

If you’re anything like me, the first time you heard the phrase “Acceptance is the answer,” it probably pissed you off. As a Type A, get-shit-done kinda gal, it was not in my vernacular or my nature. I knew it was what every spiritual teacher preached, but I just didn’t get it. 

Until, I realized accepting means you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling at that moment. The pain of failing. The frustration that you couldn’t do anything more at the time. The fear of what comes next. Sometimes I don’t want to feel those things. But when I allow those feelings to wash over me, I see them for what they are: a moment in time that, like the waves in the sea, will pass. 

When we accept our feelings—and our failures—we give ourselves the gift of moving forward with purpose. With renewed insight into ourselves and others. With the knowledge of what to do differently in the future.

Improv troupes live by the rule "Yes, and." It makes for some great comedy and a helpful mindset when I’ve hit a roadblock. Acceptance is baked into the phrase. Yes, I’ve failed, and what will I choose to learn from it?

Yours in feeling the failure,

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