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Welcome to my book column! I’m thrilled to be a part of the Fort Branch and Haubstadt Library family and share my love of books. I was an elementary school teacher for 20+ years and loved using books as a springboard for lessons.  Books have influenced my life from a young age.  My mom subscribed me to the Weekly Reader monthly book club. One of my favorites that still graces my shelves is, "One Kitten for Kim" by Adelaide Holl. It has names and numbers written inside the book as I used to play library with my books, foreshadowing, maybe??

Bookmark Rating System:

3 bookmarks = I had to stop 3 times (Fair rating)

2 bookmarks = I had to stop 2 times (Good rating)

1 bookmark = I had to stop 1 time (Great rating)

0 bookmarks = I couldn't put it down, no stops! (Excellent rating)

The Institute by Stephen King

Tim Jamieson was forced to resign from the Sarasota police department. He finds himself in DuPray, Minneapolis accepting a job as a night knocker.  Luke Ellis is a 12-year-old genius who lives with his parents in this same suburban town.  One night, not long after Tim begins working his new job, Luke gets kidnapped and his parents murdered.  Luke wakes up in what looks to be his own bedroom, but without windows. The door to his room actually leads to a special institute housing other children that have special minds like his.  He comes to learn that he was chosen because he is not only smart, but unbeknownst to him, he has a special talent that he shares with the other children in the institute.  The children arrived in the same manner as Luke. Just like Luke, they have either telekinesis and/or telepathy skills.  Mrs. Sigsby, the director of the institute, has gathered the test subjects to extract from them their special talents.  Luke is desperate to escape the horrors that he and the other children are subjected to.  This book was the first one I have read by Stephen King, although I’m familiar with his work.  The book was on brand with that uncomfortable, thriller, suspense vibe that is almost cringe worthy.  I was mentally exhausted by the time Tim and Luke’s paths crossed and I finished the book.  This genre of books isn’t my favorite but I found that I couldn’t put it down. 

Rating: 1 bookmark

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

Wow!  I’ve always liked watching thriller movies, but I have never read a book that was as thrilling as the movies.  Something in the Water was captivating and had a Cape Fear (1991 movie) feel to it.  Erin, the main character, is a documentary filmmaker getting ready to tackle one of the biggest stories of her career.  Mark, her fiancé, has lost his job and is floundering.  Finances are tight, so they downsize their wedding, but keep their honeymoon plans to Bora Bora.  During a scuba diving trip, they find “something in the water”.  Should they return it to the ocean, turn it into the authorities, or keep it for themselves?  Their choices lead to a gripping and fun ride through this book.   

Rating: 1 bookmark
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