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Welcome to my book column! I’m thrilled to be a part of the Fort Branch and Haubstadt Library family and share my love of books. I was an elementary school teacher for 20+ years and loved using books as a springboard for lessons.  Books have influenced my life from a young age.  My mom subscribed me to the Weekly Reader monthly book club. One of my favorites that still graces my shelves is, "One Kitten for Kim" by Adelaide Holl. It has names and numbers written inside the book as I used to play library with my books, foreshadowing, maybe??

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Educated by Tara Westover

Educated is another non-fiction book that I couldn’t resist.  The book, by Tara Westover, is a memoir of her survival in the mountains of Idaho. Tara was born with the help of a midwife to survivalist parents. Her mother is a herbalist, midwife and healer. Her father, who is bipolar, is a salvager of sorts.  Her dad didn’t see the benefit of a formal education, therefore none of the kids graduated with a high school diploma and the youngest didn’t even go to school.  That is what makes this story so remarkable.  Tara’s chances of breaking the cycle are dependent on her educating herself.  Amazingly, she gets admitted to Brigham Young University where she learns about the Holocaust and the civil rights movement for the first time.  Though she had strong roots to her family and felt the pull to return, her quest for knowledge was stronger.   She goes on to study at Harvard and Cambridge.  Tara comes to learn that she can admire the past without being silenced by it.  

Rating: 1 bookmark
Where the Last Rose Blooms (Heirloom Secrets #3) by  Ashley Clark

I was looking for a Christian book that had an interesting storyline and I’m a sucker for a story that weaves between the past and present.  The story begins in Charleston in 1860 with Ashley, a slave that was sold and separated from her mama when she was just nine years old.  Her mama, Rose, had put Ashley’s best dress inside a satchel, along with some pecans, a braid of her hair, and two butterfly buttons, to send with her.  Telling her, “It be filled with my love always.” Ashley’s mother Rose, is 16 year old Clara’s maid.  When Clara learns that her father, who is involved with the Confederacy, separated Rose and her daughter, she knows she has to help.  Clara and a very handsome Union spy work together to learn secrets from the confederacy and work to reunite Ashley and Rose.  

In modern time New Orleans, Alice and her Aunt Charlotte run a flower shop.  Alice, who was also separated from her mother during Hurricane Katrina, finds herself looking to unite with her mother.  This book about prejudice and injustice stitches together both of these stories of love, hope and courage.  

Upon finishing the book, I learned that it is the 3rd book in the Heirloom Secrets.  I have already started reading the first book, The Dress Shop on King Street (Heirloom Secrets #1) .  In the book, Millie Middleton is the granddaughter of Ashley.  She remembers the day she first saw the dress.  Her mama stroked the fabric and then told her, “This dress once belonged to your grandma Ashley.  It’s a family heirloom.  Her own mother gave it to her…”  That was in 1946.  Harper Dupree returns to Alabama, and to Millie, the woman who taught her to sew.  I’m not all the way through the book, but these two ladies have met up and I believe they will begin a journey to find the history of that special dress. 

The second book in the series, Paint and Nectar (Heirloom Secrets #3) should be on our shelves soon.  You can bet I will be the first one to read it so I can close the story gap between these two compelling stories!  
Rating: 1 bookmark
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