Gratitude and Allyship

Let's start with gratitude for close friends who reached out after my last musings with concern that there was no mention of Black Lives Matter in the midst of all the protests. I will endeavor to be better in the future. Thanks to their encouragement, I invested a lot of time learning about how white people can think, talk, and act as allies and anti-racists. You can learn from these resources, too:

2020 Poem by Leslie Dwight

What if 2020 isn’t canceled?
What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for?
A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw,
That it finally forces us to grow. 
A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber. 
A year we finally accept the need for change. 
Declare change.
Work for change.
Become the change. 
A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart.

You're Invited: Virtual Video Pitch Events

I spent a lot of time this month mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs for virtual video pitch events. Halcyon hosted our largest final showcase with 275 Zoom attendees on 6/16. You can learn more about those eight ventures and email me if you want to support any of them.

There are two upcoming Georgetown events you are invited to attend and see pitch videos from our community of inspirational Georgetown students and Pivot Fellows. Register to attend here: The Georgetown Pivot Program is a new, non-credit-bearing certificate in business and entrepreneurship created specifically for formerly incarcerated individuals. The Pivot Program is a one-year transition and re-entry program centered on a blend of academic work and supported employment.

Black Founder Highlights

I'd like to highlight these entrepreneurs whose work is worth amplifying. Hope you'll give them your attention and your business: 
  • Flikshop is a mobile app you can download to send postcards of photos on your phone to loved ones in prison and loved ones who you are currently quarantining away from (your first postcard is free :)
  • FreeCap is a financial data provider of socially responsible investing criteria, helping investors move their money out of prisons and into solutions to mass incarceration 
  • Invest Sou Sou is a smart, social banking platform that believes the best way to build wealth is to partner with people you trust, for the benefit of shared culture, belief, or financial goal.
  • Mully Lingua delivers language, heritage, and cultural activities to kids
  • Nubian Hueman is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world
  • Onward is a non-profit employer-sponsored mobile savings and credit app that enables workers of all income levels to build financial security.
  • RAHEEM is an independent service for reporting police interactions in the U.S., ending police terror against Black people by making police behavior visible and accountable
  • Southeastern Roastery coffee is committed to promoting the cultural exchange, open dialogue, and collective creativity
  • U Hustle is building a two-sided marketplace for college students to earn money from their side hustles (and will be pitching on Monday night)
  • Utiva provides virtual premium technology skills learning to students in Africa and helps companies hire the best talents
  • Weird Enough Productions is a comic company building a new world of stories that will change the one we live in; they tell stories that inspire people to embrace their quirks and get hype about being themselves
And here's a list of Funding Resources for Black Entrepreneurs 

Need New Content?

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Dad Jokes (for the kids)

What is the difference between a werewolf and cow? howls at the moon, and one jumps over the mooooo-n!
Why did the cow need a tissue?
...for its moo-cus!
Why do cows believe everything you say?
...because they're so gulli-bull!
What is a spider's favorite workout?
...spin class!
What does a rabbit keep forever? hare-looms!
What do you call a dog with earplugs in? doesn't matter because it can't hear you!

Facial Hair Quarantine Evolution 

After six months of not shaving, my beard had reached EPIC proportions. Over the past week, we had a lot of fun trimming it down and a lot of gratitude for my wife's patience with these silly faces. She seems to be enjoying her first week ever with a clean-shaven husband :)

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

I am grateful that you made it this far. Hope you found a few links worth clicking, Black businesses worth supporting, self-reflection worth pondering, and dad jokes worth telling. Sharing is caring and positive vibes are always welcome. 

With love and appreciation,
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