Dear Physically Distant Friends Who I Want To Be Socially Closer To,

Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy in this unusual hibernation period! It’s been a while since we got together in person, and most signs indicate it will be a while until that happens again. I want to start to reconnect with family, friends, and colleagues from various stages of life with hopes of sending out a ~monthly email with life updates, dad jokes, conversation-starting questions, and useful resources for you. Feel free to unsubscribe at the bottom if this doesn’t interest you.

Gratitude and Good News

  • I am incredibly grateful for my wife, Martina, for being my roommate, coworker, lunch chef, neighborhood walking partner, couch buddy, and life long best friend!
  • I am grateful for my college roommate, Steve, for inviting me to a Zoom happy hour a couple of weeks ago and then adding me to the WhatsApp chat with all our BC buddies. After a few years removed from the group chat, I can't tell you how much joy it has brought me to be able to socialize again with these guys!
  • I am grateful for John Krasinski sharing Some Good News, for 15 minutes of positivity, and even more on the Good News Network
  • I am grateful for Strategic Coach publishing the Scary Times Success Manual, which features 10 things to “forget” and 10 things to “focus on” during these uncertain times

Zoom Zoom Zoom

  • Zoom is my newest area of expertise because of all the times I host/moderate/facilitate/attend several Zoom meetings each workday while serving as the commissioner for ten Georgetown Entrepreneurship Challenge virtual pitch competitions this month, teaching two classes to undergrads on Thursnights about social entrepreneurship and how to not suck as an intern, and hosting weekly Halcyon Incubator pitch sessions on Mondays at 4PM, as well as fulfilling the role of tech support for all of Halcyon's virtual programming (more info below...)
  • Need to level up your Zoom video conferencing skills? Read through this super in-depth 28 page Guide to Hosting Virtual Events via Zoom
  • Want to see Prof Malloy in action? Check out my college lecture videos on YouTube
  • I bought one share of Zoom (ZM) in early March at $108, saw it rise as high as $164, and now it’s at $128, with lots of potential to increase in value this year and beyond
  • What stocks are you watching and planning to buy the dip?

Felix Gray Blue Light Filtering Glasses

I’ve worn Felix Gray blue light filtering glasses every day for the past 4+ years to reduce digital eye strain from staring at screens. I wear the Faraday frames during the day and put on my Nash sleep glasses after 6PM for extra protection for my eyes and circadian rhythm as bedtime gets closer while we watch LEGO Masters or Frozen 2. Highly recommend you protect your eyes with code MALLOY10 to save 10% on your next pair of Felix Gray glasses.

Reading Recommendations

  • If you like sports (and are struggling with no live sports), then pick up a copy of It Takes What It Takes written by Russell Wilson's mental coach, Trevor Moawad, to learn about the power of neutral thinking and convincing college football players (who win National championships) to stop saying stupid shit out loud
  • Jessica Carson's Wired This Way just arrived yesterday, and I can't wait to learn about mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being as a creator!
  • I'm on Day 6 of 14 for the Daily Stoic's Read to Lead challenge, which encouraged me to re-read Oh, The Places You'll Go this week, get 33% of the way through a new fiction book (Ender's Game), and reach out to people I admire to ask "What book changed your life?"
  • You can check out the Malloy Industries library for a list of several books that changed my life, and I plan to include one of my book summaries in each of these monthly(ish) newsletters...
  • The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea - I bought this book for my dear friend, Rob aka Dad, for his wedding and was delighted to be able to read the entire book in the 48 hours before the wedding and type up this book summary to crystalize the key points
  • Here's a look at my active books...

Monkeying Around

What do monkeys eat for lunch?
...gorilla cheese sandwiches
Why do monkeys like bananas?
...they find them a-peeling
Why did the gorilla stop eating bananas?
...he lost his ape-tite

April Virtual Event Invites

  • Check out the list above for Halcyon's public programming this month, and you can register here for any of these free events
  • Halcyon Incubator Fall 2020 Fellowship applications close on Wednesday, April 8th, so please encourage any social entrepreneurs in your network to submit their application ASAP before the deadline
  • I host weekly virtual startup pitch sessions with Halcyon Incubator social entrepreneurs on Mondays at 4-5:30PM, and you can RSVP via email to me if you want to listen to Halcyon entrepreneurs pitch on 4/6, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4 (I'll forward you the calendar invite with the Zoom link)
  • Tuesday, April 7 at 5-7PM is the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals and Celebration with the top six undergrad and top six grad student pitches competing for $10,000! Register here to get the Zoom link to attend

Government Funding for Small Businesses

Do you know any small businesses struggling that could benefit from government grants or loans? I scoured the internet to compile COVID-19 Recommendations and Resources from Halcyon and published this How to Win the Small Business Race for COVID-19 Funding in the DMV on LinkedIn to help companies to apply to various funding opportunities. Feel free to like or share the post. There's always money in the banana stand.

Health and Wellness in Hibernation

  • Start your work from home morning routine with a quick five-minute full body and vocal warm-up
  • Develop a daily practice to nurture growth and development in each area of your life
  • Last month, I completed Deepak Chopra's 21 Days of Abundance Meditation program, and you can listen to any of the 15-minute audio files via this link - each audio file begins with a one sentence affirmation for the day, a few minutes of Deepak talking to you about attracting abundance into your life, and then a few minutes of silent meditation while repeating a Sanskrit mantra
  • You might think this is too "hippy" for you, but there are 168 hours in a week and 96 15-minute periods in one day when you could try slowing down and practicing mindful meditation...

This Is a Laughing Matter

What happened to the noodle that went down the drain? pasta way.
Why was the clock bored? had too much time on its hands.
How did the celery get rich? invested in the stalk market.
Follow @mattsurelee on Instagram for hilarious Venn diagrams and charts

Thanks for Your Time and Attention!

I am grateful that you made it this far in the email and hope you found a few links that pique your interest. I'd love for you to hit reply and tell me how things are going in your world because the whole point of this is to feel more connected to people we love. Sharing is caring and positive vibes are always welcome.

From my couch to yours,
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