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NMAS Online Mediator Qualification Course 2021

With our Mediator Training Course, there exists the opportunity to obtain the necessary basic process and skill components of mediation training online. You can become accredited in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards.

The Australian Mediation Association (AMA) for offers a collaborative, interactive training and learning experience. Every participant will stay engaged like never before.

2021 Course Commencement dates – each course is of 4 weeks duration online:

  • Week commencing 1st March 2021
  • Week commencing 31st May 2021
  • Week commencing 27th September 2021

Enrolments are open for 2021 for those who want to use this year to get ahead as an FDRP.

The AMA and MTA remain dedicated to providing the highest quality, most innovative and compliant training and delivery methods.

Many of our professional applicants want to use their time to undertake many of the required hours to complete their Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner qualification online for 2021. Because of their busy schedules during the year, many applicants use the holiday time and after hours to get ahead of the study hours that are required for the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.
As a result, we have added additional assessors to the team so that we can assist with those efforts. If you would like to take advantage of that extra time to get ahead, it is important that you enrol now so that you that you are in with the study group and engaged.

If you would like to join the 2021 intake, please email:
In partnership with ICES: provider code 22487.
Enquire Here Now
  • All textbooks, student handbooks, assessments and learning materials are included in all qualification packages.
  • Corporate Discounts are available for companies as well as Family Relationship Centres.
  • Easy weekly payment plans available.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Diners Club are accepted.

Continuing Professional Development 2021

Continuing Professional Development Online Webinars

The 2021 NMAS training and CPD program is intended to cover mediation skills, practice and specific content areas.

These specialist courses and events are delivered by practicing mediators, allowing you to add input on key subjects. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Events are a constantly evolving portfolio of short training courses and events.

The events are held online on the Australian Mediation Association’s training platform. Our CPD Events are designed and delivered by experts in the field, aiming to deepen and broaden your skills and knowledge as a professional mediator.

2 March (4.30pm – 8.00pm): Mediation practice refresher (#1)

Mediation refresher #1: This webinar will cover defining mediation and how it fits along the ADR spectrum. The different models of mediation will be identified and how they can assist in resolving different disputes. The focus of this webinar will be on the facilitative mediation model, what it looks like and the participants will be walked through the stages of the process and strategies and tips for working with the model will be highlighted.

$130.00 (incl. GST)


9 March (4.30pm – 8.00pm): Mediation practice refresher (#2)

Mediation refresher #2: This Professional Development webinar will focus on the skills associated with mediation, it will highlight the skills and how best to use them to assist parties in moving through the mediation process. It will also highlight some of the areas that give both new and experienced mediators difficulty, how to work with the impasses and obstacles that come in mediation and how best to handle highly conflictual parties and situations.

$130.00 (incl. GST)

NB: ALL times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time at all times (non daylight saving time). Check times for your location on the Meeting Planner calculator here.

Please find our 2020 program and register here

Conflict Coaching Fundamentals

CCI offers a fully online program Conflict Coaching Fundamentals through CCI Academy.  The program is designed to be flexible and completed at your own pace. It includes:
  • Over 40 hours of video lessons;
  • Videos of two complete conflict coaching sessions;
  • Reflective activities to apply and embed your learning;
  • Two personalised one-on-one sessions with your trainer;
  • Opportunities to practice coaching on other students in the program;
  • An engaged online community for peer support and networking. 
AMA members receive a 20% discount off the normal registration fee of $2,497.00, including accreditation assessment (and there are now added inclusions such as monthly live masterclasses, and artistry sessions for accredited coaches). 

Just use the coupon code AMAMember at checkout.
Click HERE for more information, course dates and registration

What work opportunities are there as a mediator?

There is increasing use of mediation and other forms of ADR in Australia. People undertaking mediation and Family Dispute Resolution training vary to the extent in how they find opportunities as a mediator.

Some may find salaried roles within government or not for profit agencies. Some individuals pursue mediation as a full-time career whilst others see a career in mediation as a viable option to supplement their current vocation or as a part-time profession post retirement.

For current mediation and Family Dispute Resolution careers please visit our ‘careers page’ and search for current mediation career opportunities in the associated search engines.

Click Here for more information

Australian and New Zealand ADR News

More couples seeking relationship help after COVID-19 lockdowns

More couples are seeking advice on separation after months of pressure and isolation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

National information and mediation group The Separation Guide has reported an 87 per cent increase in couples who are ready to settle their separation in December 2020, compared to the previous year's holiday period.

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Farm debt mediation scheme for Tasmania is long overdue says banking victim

Tasmanian farmers in financial strife will have access to an independent mediator during debt discussions with their creditors.

The new legislated Farm Debt Mediation scheme is based on the NSW model, operating for the last 25 years.

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Third-party mediation can hardly break impasse between China, Australia

China-Australia ties have hit their lowest ebb since diplomatic relations were established. 

Now, there are discussions about whether New Zealand can mediate between the two countries.

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Ombudsman on offer to aid dairy businesses

DAIRYFARMERS in dispute are being reminded there are resources available for support, without fear of retribution.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell is encouraging dairyfarmers to contact her office for information about the Dairy Code of Conduct or advice regarding how to handle a dispute under the Code.

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ASIC and ex-ANZ wealth firm ordered into mediation

The corporate watchdog has been ordered into mediation with former ANZ subsidiary RI Advice and former financial adviser John Doyle ahead of 19 days of hearings in the Federal Court next month.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has been preparing for hearings against RI Advice, which was bought by ASX-listed wealth manager IOOF in October 2018, and Mr Doyle, which are pencilled in to start on March 1.

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How to resolve conflicts between co-workers

When you spend so much time with your co-workers, misunderstandings are bound to happen.

Most will make the effort to get along with teammates and learn to ignore annoying habits or accommodate clashing working styles, but emotions can boil over at any time – especially during high-pressure periods.

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Dismal uptake of Government's $40m Covid commercial rents dispute service

Few Covid-19 commercial rent disputes have been settled by the Government’s $40 million resolution scheme half-way through its operation.

Back in June 2020 business tenants were crying out for support from the Government if their commercial lease agreements did not provide for a rent reduction during an emergency like the April to May Covid lockdowns when they could not access and run their businesses.

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S. Korea hopes to continue playing mediator role and that Biden inherits Singapore summit agreement

The South Korean government will continue to closely cooperate with the Biden administration to make progress in the peace initiative for the Korean peninsula, and do its best to resume talks and cooperation with North Korea.

Hours after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, South Korean President Moon Jae-in called on his national security team to put all hands on deck to restart dialogue with North Korea.

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BoT signs pact on mediating legal financial disputes

The Bank of Thailand and the Office of the Court of Justice have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on mediating legal financial disputes for financially-distressed borrowers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The MoU provides a standard of practice for settling disputes such as defaulting on interest payment, stipulating a suitable loan repayment period to align with debtors' financial status and establishing a clear dispute settlement framework, said the Bank of Thailand statement.

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Australia: [Podcast] Commercial mediations – Strategies and tips to achieve the best outcome for your client

What did the seminar cover?

Commercial court disputes can be financially, reputationally and emotionally exhaustive for the parties involved. When approached with a considered strategy, mediations can lead to a more beneficial outcome for both sides of a dispute.

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Five Principles to Maximize Chances of Success in Mediation

As a current mediator who has for years also been litigation counsel representing clients in mediation, I have noticed that there may sometimes be a disconnect between what mediators and litigators each expect from mediation and from each other.

These differences can potentially limit the chances of a successful negotiated resolution.

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National Mediation Conference

The Board of National Mediation Conferences Ltd is delighted to confirm that the next National Mediation Conference – NMC2021 – will be based in Alice Springs at the Desert Knowledge Precinct.

Due to anticipated public health considerations, the conference will be primarily a virtual event with some opportunities for face-to-face participation.

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Anything Else

Best 10 Books About Mediation Ever Written

The difference in opinions, beliefs, views, values, and desires, plus the need to establish supremacy of one over the others often causes conflicts to arise in different situations.

Without mediation, which enables conflicts to be resolved peacefully, homes, classrooms, or workplaces could be plunged into a state of anarchy.

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Book Review: The Art of Roleplay and Dispute Resolution Training

I remember the role play from my first mediation training back in the late 1980s.

I can recall sitting in the middle of a ring of chairs with two other volunteers, feeling nervous and self-conscious.

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Shia LaBeouf Is Ready for Mediation?

After reportedly resisting mediation initially, Shia LaBeouf seems ready to settle his ex FKA Twigs‘ suit against him.

His attorney, Shawn Holley, has filed a case management statement, Us reports.

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Adele used mediators to split fortune with husband in 'friendly divorce'

Adele has reportedly used mediators to split her pop fortune with her husband Simon Konecki in a bid to avoid an acrimonious divorce.

The superstar singer, 32, split from her partner, 46, in 2019 and they are now going through the process of dissolving their marriage.

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Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy will go head-to-head in Zoom mediation hearing on Wednesday to try and avoid High Court showdown

The warring WAGs will participate in a remote mediation in an attempt to settle their dispute as a deadline looms for them to find an agreement out of court.

Lawyers representing both women will also be present for the hearing, which will be conducted by a mediator that has been agreed by both sides.

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Insurance Reminder

Please remember that Insurance is compulsory for National Accreditation and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. Policy renewal reminders for AMA members are currently being sent. We have now deployed a more friendly service online which will ensure that your policy is only a few clicks away and takes only a few minutes. In line with our commitment to utilise technology and ensure the ease of access for our members to our services, we are incorporating an online insurance component to our website to reduce the amount of administrative forms used and to streamline the processing of dispute resolution insurance applications. Click here to renew or take out a new policy.

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