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ADR Enews - June 2020

Undertake NMAS training and accreditation requirements - online

Through the advances of technology there now exists the opportunity to obtain the necessary basic process and skill components of mediation training online and become accredited in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards.

The Australian Mediation Association (AMA) offers a collaborative, interactive training and learning experience, keeping every participant engaged like never before. We have been running this course for almost a decade online.

Our next NMAS online accreditation course commences 28 September 2020! – Places are filling fast and we are accepting enrolments.
NMAS Online Course Information

Continuing Professional Development Online Webinars

These specialist courses and events are delivered by practicing mediators and allow you to add input on key subjects.

The 2020 NMAS training and CPD program is intended to cover mediation skills, practice and specific content areas. The CPD workshops will be identified as either skills sessions or speciality sessions to assist in selection. The program will appeal to mediators from all different disciplines.
Next Webinar:
28 July 2020 (5.00pm – 6.30pm): Exploration in settlement and evaluative mediation.. is there a place?
This webinar will look at how exploration seen as a facilitative tool has value in settlement and evaluative mediations. How exploration skills and techniques can assist even where it seems that outcome is the only result everyone wants.

$65.00 (incl. GST)
Please find our 2020 program and register here

Enrolments are open for 2020 for those who want to use this year to get ahead as an FDRP.

The Mediator Training Academy will assist you in completing the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution from your application, to growing your professional practice – entirely online.

As always, the Australian Mediation Association and the Mediator Training Academy remain dedicated to providing the highest quality, most innovative and compliant training and delivery methods available. From our "super career mums" to our busy barristers, the Academy and the AMA is completely dedicated to Mediator and FDR Practitioner qualifications, Mediation career growth, transparency and Australian best practice.

If you would like to join the 2020 intake, please email:
Enquire Here Now
  • All textbooks, student handbooks, assessments and learning materials are included in all qualification packages.
  • Corporate Discounts are available for companies as well as Family Relationship Centres.
  • Easy weekly payment plans available.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Diners Club are accepted.

Conflict Coaching Fundamentals

CCI offers a fully online program Conflict Coaching Fundamentals through CCI Academy.  The program is designed to be flexible and completed at your own pace. It includes:
  • Over 40 hours of video lessons;
  • Videos of two complete conflict coaching sessions;
  • Reflective activities to apply and embed your learning;
  • Two personalised one-on-one sessions with your trainer;
  • Opportunities to practice coaching on other students in the program;
  • An engaged online community for peer support and networking. 
AMA members receive a 20% discount on the normal registration fee (you will pay $1320.00 instead of $1650.00).  Just use the coupon code AMAMember at checkout.
Click HERE for more information, course dates and registration

What work opportunities are there as a mediator?

There is increasing use of mediation and other forms of ADR in Australia. People undertaking mediation and Family Dispute Resolution training vary to the extent in how they find opportunities as a mediator.

Some may find salaried roles within government or not for profit agencies. Some individuals pursue mediation as a full-time career whilst others see a career in mediation as a viable option to supplement their current vocation or as a part-time profession post retirement.

For current mediation and Family Dispute Resolution careers please visit our ‘careers page’ and search for current mediation career opportunities in the associated search engines.

Click Here for more information

Mediator Standards Board - Advertising Campaign

The MSB are in the midst of a 12-week national campaign that aims to raise awareness of the NMAS and the importance of engaging a NMAS accredited mediator.

These initial results are great news for RMABs, training organisations, and mediators alike, improving awareness of the NMAS and the MSB, and the roles they play in quality control and consumer protection. Below are links to the articles being used for promotional purposes:

A further article will be included in Lawyers Weekly, due to hit desks (and inboxes) in July and an article has already appeared in the Financial Review.

Australian and New Zealand ADR News

Expert-Recommended Tips to Keep You Sane While Coparenting During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Expert-Recommended Tips to Keep You Sane While Coparenting During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

When it comes to coparenting, settling into a consistent routine is usually in every family member's best interest.

However, because of the novel coronavirus, many coparenting schedules are getting turned on their heads.

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Online COVID-19 Dispute resolution request

The Queensland Government has announced that RTA conciliation will be mandatory for everyone who cannot self-resolve a tenancy dispute relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before you begin: Read more

Vic tribunal deploying new tech to resolve disputes remotely

Gets $5.2 million funding injection.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal will receive more than $5 million in IT upgrades over the next 12 weeks to get planning and development dispute hearings back up and running.

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Vic government announces free mediation service for commercial tenancy disputes

The Victorian government’s mediation service to help small and medium business tenants and landlords reach a fair agreement in rent disputes, as a result of coronavirus, is in effect.

The service is provided through the Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC), and is part of the government’s commercial tenancy relief scheme.

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Coronavirus: Family violence victims spared from facing abusers as matters move online

Family violence victims will be spared confronting their abusers in court as Australia’s justice system increasingly adopts web-based resolution options.

The Federal Court, the Family Court and the Circuit Court of Australia have all agreed to use online dispute resolution platform Immediation.

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Progressing family law disputes through Covid-19 in Australia

Amanda Humphreys reports on how Australia's family courts and lawyers are coping with lockdown
Covid-19 was first confirmed in Australia in late January.

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NRL mediation with referees fails with legal proceedings to follow

Mediation between the NRL and the code's referees has failed and the game's whistle-blowers will proceed with legal action.

Nine's Danny Weidler reports the referee's union has dug its heels in during negotiations, refusing to take a backward step over plans to use just one referee for the 2020 season.

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Holden invites dealers to negotiate compensation packages via video chat

General Motors has invited Holden dealers to a video conference in the second week of June to discuss compensation for the sudden shutdown of the brand.

General Motors says it will not reduce its compensation to dealers, even though the US car giant claimed a fortnight ago it had new calculations which estimated showroom owners may only be entitled to a fraction of the original sum offered.

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Number of couples seeking separation advice soars during lockdown

The number of couples seeking separation advice has spiked as lockdown is wound back, with almost half of surveyed Australians experiencing negative change to their relationship during isolation.

Relationships Australia reported 42 per cent of respondents to a May survey said isolation had negatively impacted their partner relationship, and a national mediation service said numbers of people thinking about separating were up more than 300 per cent.

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Port Macquarie-Hastings Council may need mediator to resolve dysfunction, Labor says

The State Opposition has proposed a mediator meet with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council in a bid to resolve what Mayor Peta Pinson has described as "toxic dysfunction" among councillors.

The suggestion by Greg Warren, Labor NSW's spokesman for local government, came nearly a week after the Mayor's failed attempt at council's last meeting to call an early election.

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Primary Health Care Nurses See Red Over Pay Parity

Pay talks stalled yesterday and Mediation is the next step for primary health care nurses, says the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO).

NZNO has been negotiating the Primary Health Care Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (PHC MECA) since November last year for 3400 nurses, receptionists and administrators across more than 500 practices and accident or medical centres.

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Argosy heading for mediation over earthquake insurance claims for Waterloo Quay building

The former New Zealand Post House on Waterloo Quay is heading for the finishing line of a drawn-out earthquake repair but the owner still has a battle for insurance claims on its hands.

Owner Argosy, listed on the New Zealand sharemarket, has claimed $47.4 million of reinstatement costs and $15.1m in business interruption which is mostly for loss of rents, up until the end of March 2020 for the 14-level building damaged by the Kaikoura earthquake in November 2016.

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Lockdown opens virtual solutions to real legal disputes

The virtual world has come as a real saviour for the locked-down country, and the legal field is no exception.

Two cases of marital dispute resulted in a divorce and a reunion following online arbitration during the lockdown to ward off the novel coronavirus threat.

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Remote mediation for speedier, fairer dispute resolution during pandemic

THE Movement Control Order (MCO) due to Covid-19 brought about unprecedented losses to businesses and individuals.

Disputes arising from that predominantly are in real estate transactions; financing facilities and foreclosures; suppliers; businesses franchises; manufacturing sector; business partners and shareholders; construction defects, delay in completion, poor services and defective products and many more.

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FCCC assists 252 residential and commercial tenants affected by COVID-19

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has assisted 252 residential and commercial tenants who have been affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

221 cases were in relation to residential tenants while 31 were in relation to commercial tenants.

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Rabuka to mediate

INTERIM Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka will continue to mediate internal issues between the two factions of the party that held separate management board meetings in Suva yesterday.

Mr Rabuka said the meeting he attended at Suva’s Kshatriya Hall appointed Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu as the party’s new acting president, Luke Ratuvuki as the acting vice president and Adi Litia Qionibaravi as the acting general secretary.

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Australia: Embracing new technology could reduce court delays

New South Wales Courts are back in swing, and jury trials in the District Court have recommenced, now that the most acute threat of COVID-19 spreading has subsided.

In March, when the threat of COVID-19 was just beginning to hit Australian shores, the New South Wales Courts had to seriously rethink the way they were able to operate.

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Six questions for a commercial tenancy mediator during the coronavirus crisis

Brisbane-based commercial mediator Dr Claudine Kasselis has been running mediation sessions for commercial landlords and tenants who have been forced to renegotiate their rental arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commercial Real Estate  spoke to Dr Kasselis about the trends she has been observing during the commercial leasing fallout, what she thinks will happen once the pandemic has passed and the advice she would give to landlords and tenants who are currently struggling.

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Australia: COVID-19 and effective dispute resolution via mediation

Courts are making fast, adaptive changes to civil litigation processes to accommodate social distancing restrictions and protect the health of public workers and the public at large.

Notwithstanding the temporary measures in place that allow court processes to continue, parties are being increasingly encouraged to resolve their disputes between themselves where possible.

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How Mediation Will Help Flatten the Curve in New Zealand’s Civil Courts

Geoff Sharp* There is anticipation building around what our civil courts will look like once we leave Alert Level 4 both next week and beyond.

And there is a dawning realisation that “beyond” maybe longer than we think as the world lives with COVID for some years.

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Support Tools for Video Conferencing During ODR

The 1990s brought about the first Online Dispute Resolution systems (ODR). Since that time, ODR has experienced significant growth.

There are a wide range of concepts which fall within ODR. 

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Introducing a New Definition of Mediation

Mediation: “The insertion of a human buffer between people who need assistance to interact with each other.”

This definition speaks to the three core issues facing the mediator every time they enter a session.

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Getting Started in Mediation

Mediation is a young, exciting, and expanding field of practice.

Mediation practice appeals to law students, lawyers, and others who are interested in helping people resolve disputes in a positive way that is less adversarial than arbitration and trial.

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Conferences & Training

RJ World 2020

RJ World 2020 is seeking inspiring presenters – facilitators / practitioners / teachers / researchers / artists – who are passionate about sharing insights and ideas in the realm of restorative justice and restorative practices in all sectors.

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National Mediation Conferences Ltd – save the date
New Times, New Spaces: DR Responds to Change
10am – 3:30pm, Friday 24 July 2020
Hosted on-line by Newcastle University
Click HERE for more info

Anything Else

Oh, Good, the Kids Are Fighting Again

Nobody said listening to kids bicker is fun.

But lockdown offers a chance to teach them how to resolve conflicts on their own.

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Book Review

Mills describes all the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes used in Australia, as well as
internationally, with a focus chapter on Asia. In all his chapters, Mills has an eye on the human element in ADR processes and how an understanding of others’ needs can assist a resolution.

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Insurance Reminder

Please remember that Insurance is compulsory for National Accreditation and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. Policy renewal reminders for AMA members are currently being sent. We have now deployed a more friendly service online which will ensure that your policy is only a few clicks away and takes only a few minutes. In line with our commitment to utilise technology and ensure the ease of access for our members to our services, we are incorporating an online insurance component to our website to reduce the amount of administrative forms used and to streamline the processing of dispute resolution insurance applications. Click here to renew or take out a new policy.

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