It’s been a busy 2019 so far, playing gigs and producing / engineering two major recording projects with Liz Jones (Broken Windows) and Bill Alexander (Possil Mor).

Alan Reed and us Daughters of Expediency had a fine time at the Trinity Live prog rock festival in the Leamington Assembly. Our enthusiasm onstage was equalled, if not exceeded, by our "dancing" at the after party hosted by DJ Jerry Ewing of Prog Magazine! Fortunately there were less photos taken of the latter event :-)

It was similarly fabulous playing bass for Celtic Rocker Cal to a magic sold out audience in the Tolbooth theatre, Stirling. Last time I was in this venue was to see Fish, so some good musical memories there. It's also just been confirmed that we're playing a Celtic Rock festival in Germany next year, so more Cal goodness to look forward to. 

Debut gig of the Jennifer Clark Band

With immense joy I present the first gig of my new band at the most excellent Prog Before Christmas festival, Glasgow Drygate on 7th December. Gordon Craig is on guitar, Marley Davidson on keyboards, Chris Scott on drums and myself on bass and banter.

I've enjoyed playing with Gordon and Chris in other bands, so am well familiar with the cut of their jibs! I asked Marley to join after seeing him play a wonderful performance at a recent gig. They are all great characters as well as musicians and I am sure this first gig will be one to remember.

We'll be onstage at 2pm, playing tunes from my Ascan EP and pieces from the upcoming album. Hope to see you there, please save the date :-)

'Wendy' single release - Liz Jones & Broken Windows

In the previous newsletter I mentioned singer / songwriter Liz Jones was back in my studio with her band Broken Windows to record a new album. They've just released the first single titled 'Wendy' from it. Happily it has received good airplay from BBC Radio's Iain Anderson and many others.

It's a smashing up tempo feel good tune and video. Yours truly even gets a cameo at 3:20 :-)

'Letty's Song' single release - Possil Mor

Written by Bill Alexander, I was honoured to record, mix and play bass on this lovely song of his. I really enjoyed recording it, with its lush violin, accordion, piano and soprano sax and infectious drum grooves. 

One of the early rhythmic inspirations was the Ashiko drum loop we used as a guide for the musicians to play along to before the drums were recorded. It worked so well we kept it in the final mix.

Letty's Song is available on all popular download and streaming platforms. You can find out more about Possil Mor on their facebook page.

There are some things money can't buy...

I needed some new monitor speaker stands for the studio. They had to be wooden as metal rings in the presence of loud music, and higher than normal to get them to ear height. I like things tidy and neat, so some way of concealing the cables would be a bonus. The speakers are very heavy, so sturdiness was a must.

A could find nothing that exactly fitted the bill. The only ones that came close cost a small fortune. So the only answer was to make my own! And as a bonus, I discovered how to cut perfectly circular pieces of wood for the speaker plinths. Here they are finished and in place.

Coming Up

I've been asked to arrange and record an album of instrumental versions of swing tracks I arranged a couple of years ago. I think it's a cracking idea and really look forward to hearing the alternative versions of these incredibly catchy tunes.

It's a real privilige to be given the opportunity to help all these musicians, singers and songwriters bring their musical dreams to life with my engineering, music and woodwork skills. It's a constant adventure, and I am sincerely grateful. Long may it continue :-)

Wishing you a Sunny Summer and hope to see you Progging Before Christmas!


Jennifer Clark - bass guitar
Photo by Martin Reijman
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