Where to begin?

Life has been busy! 

I'm grateful to you all for sustaining interest in my work, despite my lack of contact and promise to write more frequently in the future!
'Brevity is the soul of wit' - Shakespeare

My First EP 'Ascan' Released

It's been an exciting year with the successful release of my first original CD.

Hopefully Ascan will connect with you too. It's available on CD from my shop and The Merch Desk, and download from my shopBandcamp and all major download and streaming sites.

In a review in the Dutch Progressive Rock Page, Mark Hughes wondered why it's all instrumentals - "There is no mention amongst her considerable array of talents of any vocal attributes, which may be why her first solo EP is all instrumental, although I wouldn't be surprised if she actually was a world class singer too!" Alas, those who have heard my singing will attest that it is far from world class!

But that's not why the EP is instrumental. The truth is that I love the music of instrumental artists like Jean Michelle Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Jan Hammer, Steve Hillage, Vangelis, and many others. I feel just as deep a connection instrumentals as music with vocals, and find it a natural way to express my feelings in music.

Alan Reed Live from the Razor's edge

Alan Reed gigs and live CD

I first saw Alan Reed perform in the late 80's when he was lead singer with Pallas. Definitely one of my "I want to be doing that" moments. Well, not singing - we've already dealt with that topic - but playing bass in a rock band!

Alan left Pallas for a solo career in 2010, and I've been playing live with him since. We've played various gigs and festivals. Highlights this year have been Prog Dreams in the Netherlands, HRH Prog, and Winter's End, both in Wales.

Alan thought the band were well rocking, so recorded a gig and released it as a live CD and download - "Live: From the Razor's Edge". Available here on CD and download.

Studio control area

New Studio

My first studio was in a room in my flat in Glasgow, so there were limitations. No drum recordings, and as for bagpipes, well...

I used it for writing musical arrangements, mixing and recording quieter acoustic instruments. Acoustic treatment installed by my friend Martyn Clark made it effective for this. There I worked on music for Sheila K Cameron and Ronald Simone, some of which received national radio play. 

I relocated to Falkirk in 2015 and found a far better space for music making. The new studio is larger, and this time I really went to town with the acoustic treatment. As a result, it's been possible to make a high quality recording of a six piece band playing all at once - including drums!

Plan of Jennifer Clark's studio

Here I've produced another big band EP for Ronald Simone, written more arrangements for Sheila K Cameron, recorded jazz album 'Sento's Mood' for Gary N Kemp, produced the debut blues rock album for Liz Jones & Broken Windows, and brought my own EP 'Ascan' to life.

Moving Forward

Currently I am working on an exciting new recording project in the realm of Celtic Rock, and some interesting classical orchestrations.

Work is also underway on my first original full album, and I look forward to gigging again with the awesome Alan Reed again in 2019.

Meanwhile I shall be enjoying some time on the other side of the stage at HRH Prog in Pwllheli, and the Prog Before Christmas in Glasgow. If you see me there, please say hello!

Thanks again for your interest,

Jennifer Clark bass guitar
Photo by Martin Reijman
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