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Welcome to the 2019/20 season!

This year is going to be a HUGE year for us at Ryde. If you haven't already seen whats happening this year with our track please take a moment to read the info HERE

This year we will be using Timing Solutions.

This means you will be able to register for Gala Days and other events through results HQ. This is also how you will check your childs results each week (U6+) You just need to go to our new look website and access Family log in. Use the email you have used to register your child, then click "trouble logging in" to set your password.

Are you new to the club?

You'll be hearing from your Age Manager soon. When you arrive at Dunbar Park at 8am head to the centre of the track for a 8:15am warm up. Your childs age manager will be waiting for you. Age Managers will be wearing fluro vests. Yellow is girls and Orange is boys. Find the vest with your childs age group on it and make yourself known.

Didn't make it to collection day?

Please make your way to the field and find your age manager. Once your child has FINISHED for the morning then come to the registration table to collect their pack. With the overwhleming number of regos since collection day we have decided this is the easiest way to manage the morning so no one misses out on events.

What happens if its raining?

In my three years at Ryde Athletic's a meet has only ever been called off once due to rain! Being high up we have great drainage. We get to make the call each week, we aren't under the umbrella of "sports ground" on the council's website.

We have a wet weather program so even if it's uncertain we'll likely still go ahead. Just bring towels for the car ride home.

Please don't message the Facebook page on Friday asking if we'll be on. We make the decision on Saturday morning at around 7am. The FIRST PLACE you'll know about weather decisions is TEAMAPP. We've chosen to use this platform this year as it will send an alert directly to you, you don't need to be checking every 30 seconds for an update

Always assume we'll be on. If you are rostered on for set up that week, please still turn up at 7am. Don't wait for a weather update before turning up.

There's no denying we need the rain! Fingers crossed it clears up just for a couple of hours Saturday morning.

- Only the Age Manager and the Assistant Age Managers can go around with the children. (Tots is the ONLY exception. A tot must be accompanied by an adult at all times)
- If you aren't helping your age group parents are expected to help assistant running the events on the day.
- See Matt at the sign on desk for a job (there are no hard jobs) and you will get a ticket to the lucky door where you might win a prize for helping out.
- Remember the more helpers the quicker the day happens
- You are not to leave your child at Dunbar Park. You must stay on the grounds at all times


Rego is still open!

Couldn't make our collection days?!

That's ok!! You can still register.

Register this week BEFORE 5PM FRIDAY and come down to Dunbar Park on Saturday to collect your uniforms and rego numbers.

Do you go to The Ranch? Download the Monty's App from your app store. In your account settings set NRNLA as your club code. Not only will you get 5% off of all food and drink purchases but the club will get a 5% rebate on everything spent. Thanks to The Ranch for their support to our club.
Please take the time to read our 2019/20 yearbook. This is a great source of information! Information on how to achieve our annual tropheys can be found here.

Code of Conduct and Behaviour

Little Athletics NSW believes that young people involved in sport have a right to participate in a safe and supportive environment. Ryde Athletics Centre shares and applies the Little Athletics NSW policy in this area.

Little Athletics is a community activity, which utilises athletics to help foster the development of Australia’s children, and as such, endorses and applies Codes of Conduct.

Codes of Conduct

The privilege of membership with the Little Athletics NSW (LANSW) and by association, Ryde Athletics Centre, may be withdrawn where it is determined that a person’s conduct is inconsistent with the mission of LANSW and in clear breach of the Codes of Conduct.



These Behavioural Guidelines aim to give everyone a guide to what is expected of them if they are part of Little Athletics, be it participating, volunteering or standing on the sideline cheering for their child, relative or friend. The guidelines set down what is an acceptable standard of conduct and behaviour and reflect the principles upon which Little Athletics is based.

Acceptance of, and compliance with these guidelines will ensure that Little Athletes will develop good sporting behaviours and be an enjoyable sporting experience, encouraging them to remain involved in sport or otherwise be active throughout their lives.

We ask that everyone take the time to read the Behavioural Guidelines, which were given when you registered, and make a personal commitment to always behave in accordance with the principles contained therein.

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