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Welcome to the bi-monthly International Baton Twirling Federation Newsletter.
Spinning into the Future of Baton Twirling. 

In this issue, we wanted to address a few of the frequently asked questions regarding
IBTF and the upcoming World Championships... take a look!

The IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship for 2021 (formerly known as the Grand Prix and/or I Cup Elite) events will consist of the disciplines of Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Artistic Twirl, X-Strut, Duet, Artistic Pair, Twirling Team, Artistic Team, Twirling Corps, and Artistic Group. The IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship is for Championship/Elite Level individual athletes, pairs, teams and groups.

The IBTF Nations Cup for 2021 (also formerly known as the WBTF I Cup) is for B and A Level individual athletes, pairs, teams and groups and consists of the same disciplines.

The IBTF World Freestyle Championship for 2022 refers to what WBTF presently refers to as the World Championship in Freestyle, Freestyle Pair and Freestyle Team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Question: What is the difference between Artistic Team and Freestyle Team?

Answer:  Artistic Team defines the name of the Team discipline done to music of personal choice for the World Baton Twirling Championship. Freestyle Team defines the name of the Team discipline done to music of personal choice for the World Freestyle Championship. To those with an NBTA background “Artistic Team” would relate to “Dance Twirl” team (since NBTA Twirling Teams perform to a standard piece of music). To those with a WBTF background, the difference between “Artistic” and “Freestyle” Team is in name only.

2. Question:  What is the difference between “Artistic Group” in the World Baton Twirling Championship and the Nations Cup since they both are required to use the B Level Content Restrictions?

Answer:  The difference is the proficiency level of the groups. Athletes who have the proficiency level to compete in the championship/elite team or group do not belong in the Nations Cup. The Nations Cup is for the team or group of B and A Level proficiency.  The B Level Content Restrictions ONLY determine CONTENT in Artistic Group. B Level, A Level, and Elite Level categories determine PROFICIENCY.  

PLEASE REMEMBER what is stated in Rules Document:

The 2021 NATIONS CUP is a Tier II Competition for the development of athletes around the world.

Here is IBTF’S philosophy statement for an equitable competition among nations cup athletes: There will be 2 Levels of competition in the Nations Cup: Level B and Level A which are determined by Content Restrictions and the athlete’s proficiency. 

It is the responsibility of the coach and athlete to enter the appropriate level in the Nations Cup based on the athlete’s true proficiency of skills and experience.  The IBTF expects that all member countries will respect and honor these levels in order to uphold the integrity of International competition and promote an honest competitive environment.

By reviewing the Content Restrictions that are in place, athletes should enter the appropriate level based on their proficiency and competitive achievement. Athletes who compete at higher levels throughout the year in their respective countries, SHOULD NOT have routines “watered- down” in order to meet the content restriction requirement to compete at a lower level competition. Any athlete who has placed in the semi-finals/finals at a World Championship in any discipline may not compete in any B Level discipline at the IBTF Nations Cup.
2021 World Baton Twirling Championships & Nations Cup Rule Book 

Looking ahead to what's next?

We are elated to share the details for the 2021 World Baton Twirling Championships and Nations Cup. 

Take a peek! 
Click Here to View Rule Book (Updated Dec 5 2019)

Thank you for reading!
We will continue to inform you of changes, advancements, and upcoming events as it relates to IBTF and this overall global alliance. We hope you will support us on this journey for the betterment of baton twirling for everyone, everywhere.
The future is here, 
IBTF Executive Managing Committee
The IBTF Executive Managing Committee meets physically twice a year and conducts all other business regularly via conference meetings and email.  Present topics are the completion of the formats for the upcoming scheduled competitions, working on the policy and procedures manuals for governance, competition rules, judging criteria and financial policies.    

Current IBTF Executive Managing Committee:
Sandi Wiemers, President
Beverly Johnson, Vice President
Jean Patrick Rousset, Vice President
Maurizio Chizzoli, Vice President
Jeff Johnson, Secretary General
Lisa Hagen Rebbestad, Treasurer
Amy Arellano Williams and Moto Tsuchiya, Sport Administrators
Christine Bel, Paola DeMarchi, Darlene King Gaboury, Dale White, Rita Schrooten, and Jackie Stewart, Technical Members
Denise Pearse and Paul Rutten, Executive Committee Member at Large

Upcoming Championships
2020 WBTF Pan Pacific Cup | January 17-19, 2020 - Alberta, Canada
2020 WFNBTA World Championships | April 8-12, 2020 - Eindhoven, Netherlands
2021 World Master Games | May 28-30, 2021 - Kansai Japan
2021 World Baton Twirling Championships + Nations Cup | August 7-15, 2021 - Liverpool, England
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