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This is equine.
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I've been blessed to meet so many kind and helpful people on this journey. One of these people is Ray Hillman, pictured above.

I see Ray just about every Wednesday at the Humboldt County Library's Humboldt Room where he is (as his pin clearly states) a docent. I always take a break from staring at microfilm for hours to stop by. Last week, Ray brought in a piece of the 1889 Humboldt County Courthouse for me to see and feel! What a treat!

In the picture above I am holding a baluster from the original courthouse -- a piece of Humboldt history in my hands! For some reason I always thought the word was ballister. Ray didn't even mention when I mispronounced the word. He just repeated the word in his explanation, "the baluster is part of the balustrade." A bunch of balusters make a balustrade, the support for the railing.

I also found we use the word baluster because they are bulbous like a pomegranate flower. From French, Italian, Latin, and Greek... The places this job takes me and the people I meet!

I'll tell you more about what I find next week when it is Old News...

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Saturday February 2nd 1889: Dolly surpassed her previous record of 13 feet by 3 more to the cheers of onlookers from the windows of the Bay Hotel.

Read more here.

See more here.

On Groundhog Day 2019 we released our first Story of the Day collaboration with the Humboldt County Historical Society. Now you can SEE more in a second link from the Book of Days which puts the Story of the Day in context. You will find old photographs of the location of the events in the Story of the Day and other ephemera which visualizes the time, place, and feeling of 1889. We hope to work with other local historical groups as well.

Next up is an effort to work with local artists who have been inspired by stories from the Book of Days. Who are some of your favorite local artists?

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Satisfaction fills me when I see how Lost Eureka presents on a mobile device. Am I alone in thinking it looks fabulous?

I created the above image as part of a package to show potential Sponsors what they get when paying for advertising with Lost Eureka. I felt proud of the work.

What I am having difficulty with is how much to charge. You, my dedicated followers are all early adopters, but we need more folks finding Lost Eureka to make it worth someone else giving their cash for an internet ad.

So what would you pay? What would you say? Can you think of 3 people to send the link to in the next three minutes? All you have to say is this:

I got lost in 1889 today. I thought you might like to join me in Lost Eureka. Sign up for emails at We'll see you there!

Thank you. Mendace veritas!


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