What is Love? Defining Love and Examining it’s Importance on our Health
How does one define love?
Love is a complex set of emotions that we all experience when we feel close to another person. In the month of February, and particularly on Valentine’s Day, we celebrate and build on the love we have for our romantic partners. Read more...
Fixing is our Game
The Repair Workshop, organized in partnership with Repair Café Toronto, has been offering training on how to repair everyday electrical appliances. On the concluding night of the four-week program, in celebration of how far they had come, the participants received an award and a dinner. Read more...
People of all colors celebrate Black History Month
The Corner, along with the multi-cultural neighbourhood of St. James Town, celebrated Black History Month on 28 February 2020 to honour the valuable contributions of Black historical figures and the Black Canadians who are continuing to be instrumental to Canada’s culture and legacy. Read more...
For the Love of Seniors: A Conversation with Vickie Rennie and participants
The ‘For the Love of Seniors’ annual Valentine’s Day event, organised by the Bleecker and Wellesley Activity Network (BWAN), enjoyed its fourth annual Valentine’s celebration this February 14th. Read more..
How do we deal with COVID-19
With the world reeling under the infectious corona virus and several news and updates from people around the world, we recommend you follow instructions and learn more about the virus from a valid and authentic source. Please follow the link to World Health Organisation's (WHO) official page on Covid-19. Know more..
Highlights of the Month
Here are the the highlights of all that happened at The Corner during the month of February. Click here to read the highlights.
Updates and Announcements
Coding Workshop for Kids Mar 16th & 18th. Know more...
In The News
So much has changed it’s overwhelming’: Residents of 650 Parliament 
Rebecca Gondos and her husband, Peter, were the first tenants to return to 650 Parliament St. Monday morning, roughly a year and a half after a six-alarm fire displaced hundreds of residents of the St. James Town highrise. Read more...
Don't buy new, fix the old: The repair business is booming
We've all heard the phrase, "They don't make things like they used to." Now a growing number of eco-minded Canadians are deciding that just won't do. Coffee makers, lamps, toasters and kettles can often be fixed instead of tossed into the trash when they stop working. Read More...
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