End FGM Media Campaigners reached over 100 million for International Day of the Girl

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We invite you to take a tour of how UNFPA/GMC-funded End FGM campaigners on the media reached over 100 million listeners and viewers in Kenya, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mali, and Guinea. Frontline Global Media Campaigners to End FGM completed 46 media campaigns across 8 countries to celebrate the International Day of the Girl.

9 media campaigns 
3 million TV views and radio listens

Shucayb Obsiiye, a journalist based in Jigjiga ran a media campaign with Horn cableTV in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The media campaigns in the Somali Region of Ethiopia saw Shucayb host a panel discussion and meeting with community members to raise the voice on ending FGM in Ethiopia.  
See some of the previous activities in Ethiopia here. 

8 Media campaigns 
​​5.3 million TV views and radio listens

Maasai Moran chief Kilemia Sapuda talking to radio presenter ​​Ole Koipa at Mayian FM about why he is leading men in his community to End FGM

Chief Kilemia Sapuda: From radio guest to influential anti-FGM campaigner! 

Last month anti-FGM campaigner Alice Masinte invited the Chief of Morans, Kilemia Sapuda, to be a guest on her End FGM radio campaign. The chief was so disturbed by what he learned about FGM. 
On Sunday 10th October, Chief Kilemia held his first radio show at Mayian FM. He also invited Lean Reson, a young girl who refused to undergo FGM, to share her story on the radio. The chief's next course of action will be holding an end-FGM Moran walk, 5km comprising of 50 young Morans(15-30yrs) to mark the International Day of the Girl. 

Read more about Chief and campaigner Kilemia Sapuda's story about why he became a campaigner here.

Sierra Leone 
8 Media campaigns
​​1 million TV views and radio listens

Team Port Loko: Osman Souun Sesay, Rugiatu Kamara, Rugiatu Neneh Kamara, Isha S Kamara (Went to Bondo without going through FGM), Mary S Lebby and Ya Koya Kamara  

Team Port Loko hosted female students to speak out against FGM on Radio Bankasoka FM 97.5. This powerful conversation reached over 160,000 listeners. Isha S Kamara, a student, shared her views urging parents to reconsider how they spend their money

"We are in the 21st century, the money that is wasted on FGM should be used to buy computers to support a girl's education and future"

We ran eight campaigns in the media, led by teams: Team Tonkolili, Team Kambia, Team Port Loko, Team Kenema, Team Koinadugu, Team Bombali, Team Western Area Rural, and Safe Hands for Girls. See what campaigners have been doing in Sierra Leone here

The Gambia 
4 Media campaigns
​​395,000 TV views and radio listens

From the left Vice Chair Isatou In Fula and Alkalo Fatou talking on GRTS Basse Radio

Campaigner Mamadou A.H Bah in the Upper River Region invited an elderly retired nurse Alkalo Fatou and Vice-Chair Lady of the Regional Youth Committee Isatou In Fula to join forces and speak out on radio about FGM and that it has no place in modern society. She said,

“We are appealing to parents to allow their female children to complete their schooling so they can have jobs. We can no longer give our girls up to FGM and early marriage... a practice that comes with many risks for the life of the girl child."

Read more about the media campaigns in The Gambia here.

7 Media campaigns
​​87 million TV views and radio listens

From the left, Moninkanola Ogidan and Akinleye Victoria talking on Crest Radio Akure Nigeria

Following up on a recent GMC/UNFPA online session on the issue of FGM and medicalisation, campaigners across Nigeria have been honing in on the issue. 62-year old Akinleye Victoria, who used to be a traditional birth attendant was often part of the cutting. She appeared on Crest Radio and shared how she was encouraged to stop taking part in FGM. She also used her voice to appeal to other cutters in the medical profession to stop this practice. The show reached 20,000 people. 

Read more about what campaigners have been doing about medicalisation in Nigeria here.

4 Media campaigns
​​2 million TV views and radio listens

UNFPA/GMC-funded activists in partnership with Ifrah Foundation on the media ending FGM. From the left is Feisal Aynte Shareey, Adam Hussein Da'ud and Fadumo Ali Nur on Asal Radio

Asal Radio aired a special program to mark International Day of the Girl. The program was attended by various guests including Feisal Aynte Shareey and Fadumo Ali Nur, two Somali parents who spoke in detail about the plight of underage girls who need all-around care.
The Special Program was a panel discussion on the Crisis Situations faced by young girls. Its audience reach was over 170,000.

6 Media campaigns 
​​5.8 million TV views and radio listens

From the left Almouctar Touré, Abdramane Cissé and Hawa Maïga on Radio Kaoural, Mali.

Daouda S Maiga organised a roundtable discussion on Radio Kaoural with Abdramane Cissé, an influential religious leader of Mopti. This show reached 600,000 people, across the region. The audience reacted strongly to this show, with some listeners thanking Abdramane Cissé for clarifying why FGM is not a religious practice, and refering to specific Qur’anic verses.

See some of the previous activities in Mali here

9 Media campaigns
​​2.4 million TV views and radio listens

Ousmane Diallo's roundtable discussion on Radio Rurale Pita (Guinea), with Mariama Baïlo Diallo, young digital activist discussing how to use digital platforms to end FGM.

Mariama's words reached over 4,500 people across the region of Labé. In Guinea, media campaigners showcased the importance of digital platforms to end FGM. Aminata Diallo discussed religion and FGM on her popular feminist news platform Actu-Elles, and Antoine Fassou Loua produced a short video for social media, explaining the medical consequences of FGM in different languages.

What's Coming Up from the Global Media Campaign/UNFPA-funded activists on the media?

  • Get ready for 16 Days of Activism in November when we hope to reach another 100 million with anti-FGM media messaging.
  • Watch out for our latest updates from our 6-month media campaign in Mali coming very soon! 
  • Good luck to all those that will be walking to end FGM on Sunday 16th October in Nigeria!

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