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Antennas Crossing Bandwidth Limitations
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AMA Reading List
From the session on Antennas Crossing Bandwidth Limitations with DARPA PM, Dr. Rohith Chandrasekar 

5 Plexor Suggestions

  1. Protein molecules in cells function as miniature antennas
  2. Virtual perfect absorption through modulation of the radiative decay rate
  3. Time-Varying Reactive Elements for Extreme Accumulation of Electromagnetic Energy
  4. Non-Foster Matched Antennas for High-Power Applications
  5. Experimental Demonstration of Exceptional Points of Degeneracy in Linear Time Periodic Systems and Exceptional Sensitivity

7 Noteworthy µPubs

  1. Recent experimental work on parametric antennas offer another potentially promising technique for overcoming bandwidth limitations of ESAs.
  2. A non-LTI switch-gated monopole ESA was proposed to trap pulses at the end to prevent reflections that cancel the impressed current.
  3. Time-varying techniques, such as parametric amplifier antennas and time-varying matching networks, are another means of circumventing the LTI assumption.
  4. Non-LTI networks are not necessarily limited by spurious harmonics...
  5. Most direct antenna modulation (DAM) to Chu-violating bandwidth produce transients, i.e. high frequencies outside of the electrically small regime.
  6. The Method of Moments has been widely applied to modal analysis, automated design synthesis, and fundamental limits of LTI systems.
  7. Deep neural network demonstrated to calculate EM metasurface spectra 10^5 times faster than traditional EM which can better support co-simulation

Check out the full AMA session including all of the readings and µPubs at the Discussion tab of the Incubator.

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