Hello <<First Name>>,

I'm Rohith Chandrasekar, the DARPA Program Manager heading the Antennas Crossing Bandwidth Limitations Incubator.
On behalf of my team, I would like to personally invite you to visit my Incubator and join our Ask Me Anything (AMA) event this Friday, January 8 (details below). 

At DARPA, I manage the Extreme Optics and Imaging (EXTREME), Nascent Light-Matter Interactions (NLM), Imaging Through Anything, Anytime, Anywhere (ITA3), and Young Faculty Award programs.   

All of my programs look at how we can use sub-wavelength antennas for enhanced imaging and sensing technologies. But these antennas, which are linear, passive, and time-invariant, are inherently limited in bandwidth as governed by the Chu/Bode-Fano limit.  

The goal of the Antennas Crossing Bandwidth Limitations Incubator is to see how we can break these assumptions of passive antennas, such as with non-Foster circuits, in order to bypass current limitations in bandwidth of antennas. 

I hope you will visit the Incubator, join our discussion threads and participate in the AMA session -- which will serve as a virtual workshop/brainstorming session for a potentially new DARPA sponsored effort. 

We look forward to your participation and I hope to hear from you.
Rohith Chandrasekar, Ph.D.
Program Manager
Ask Me Anything with Rohith Chandrasekar, Ph.D.
Friday, January 8, 12 - 2p.m. ET
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