Are there unique, unconventional, and transformational approaches beyond those that are currently researched that could yield electrical conductors with significantly reduced resistivity? 
ARPA-E wants to hear from you!

Ask Me Anything & Live Discussion

On Enabling eLEctrical Conductor Technologies for Resistance ReductiON (ELECTRRON)
Friday, June 18, 3:30-5 p.m. ET
Hosted by: 
Dr. Peter de Bock, ARPA-E Program Director
Dr. Ziaur Rahman, TechSETA, ARPA-E Support Contractor 
Dr. Emily Yedinak, Fellow, ARPA-E
Dr. Jake Russell, Fellow, ARPA-E


Enabling eLEctrical Conductor Technologies for Resistance ReductiON (ELECTRRON)
Headed by ARPA-E Program Director, Dr. Peter de Bock

The purpose of this Incubator and associated RFI is to solicit input for potential future ARPA-E supported research efforts focused on novel, unconventional ideas, approaches, and enabling technologies to reduce electrical conductor resistivity.  

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