New DARPA Opportunity, Evidence Madness Bracket Winners, and the Final Two AMAs of the Year

New DARPA Incubator and Ask Me Anything

New Incubator
Chemistry Directed Manufacturing 
Chemistry derived manufacturing (CDM) topic is motivated by the vision to create a new manufacturing capability that grows freeform solid objects without the need for a computer (CAD) model of the target object, specialized hardware (e.g., fluid handling devices), and other tooling typically required in additive manufacturing.

As part of this vision, this Incubator seeks to explore the possibility of creating a library of precursor monomers and reactive macromolecules that will continuously react via chemical routes to generate a component with intended form and targeted mechanical properties.

Click here to go to the Chemistry Directed Manufacturing Incubator 
Ask Me Anything
Hosted by DARPA PM, Dr. Vishnu Sundaresan
Friday, December 18, 11a.m. - 1p.m. ET

Congratulations to the Evidence Madness Bracket Winners!


Laser Brains
Submitted by William Suski

Super Elastic 1
Submitted by Carl Woodson

Protect CPU
Submitted by Kyu Jung

Phage Therapy
Submitted by Edgar Hodge
Click the Evidence to see the full submission

Up Next: Video Ask Me Anything 

Topic: Complexity Science, Network Theory and Sense Making of Ecologies
Hosted by

Dr. Eric L. Berlow
Ecologist & Complexity Scientist
CEO of Vibrant Data Labs

Rich Williams
Data Scientist at Joby Aviation
Co-founder of EvolutionXD
Pose your questions to the Discussion Tab before or during the Ask Me Anything to get answers from the hosts and engage fellow Plexors in evidence-based conversation. 
When: Thursday, December 10, 12 - 1:30 p.m. ET
Participate: Dial-in details will be located in the Discussion Tab of the Session 3: Art and Science of Systems Thinking Incubator
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