October marks the return of the Polyplexus podcast Talk Polymathwith a provocative conversation about technological disruption and its impact on climate change. 

Talk Polymath Episode 7
"Technology disruptions already underway in the energy, transportation, and food sectors have extraordinary implications for climate change."

     —Jamie Arbib

In this episode, we talk with Jamie Arbib, who with Tony Seba co-founded RethinkX, an independent think tank dedicated to analyzing and forecasting technology-driven disruption. RethinkX recently released a report on climate change mitigation. It questions conventional forecasting, which they believe underestimates complex system dynamics and the impact of technological disruption.

During the conversation, Arbib discusses how a convergence of technologies will catalyze the "fastest, deepest, most consequential technological disruption in history" and how it could lead to the mitigation of one of the world's most intractable problems: climate change. 

Arbib maintains the impact of new technologies is currently studied in economic sector silos to our detriment. He believes we need to supplement what he calls an industrial era reductionist physics paradigm with a paradigm of biology with its emphasis on interconnectedness and interactions within complex systems.  

About Jamie Arbib

In addition to co-founding RethinkX, Jamie Arbib is the co-author of the book Rethinking Humanity and the founder of Tellus Mater, a grant-making foundation that supports work on issues related to sustainability, with a focus on the finance system. Arbib is Chairman of a family office based in London and specializes in clean tech venture capital. He has a History degree and a Master's degree in Sustainability Leadership from Trinity College, Cambridge.

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Talk Polymath is a monthly podcast series that invites global science leaders to engage in evidence-based conversations about topics in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. From public health to changing models and trends in technology, this podcast explores current cultural interests through the lens of multiple disciplines. 

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