I am just an apprentice
~ Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

Welcome to the 55th edition of the MayWeather Newsletter series, a weekly newsletter where I share my thoughts and new ideas on things that I learn on personal productivity; somewhere between due diligence, good thinking and note-taking.

<<First Name>>, have you ever considered yourself to be a builder? Do you know that irrespective of your work or field, you are producing something substantial enough to have a direct impact on at least one person?

While a mason arranges bricks, a writer arranges basic words in a magical way. In this same light, houses, businesses, corporations, institutions and what have you are built by men.

What are you building?
Take a closer look and you’d realize that the required resources are abundant. The curiosity and discipline required to learn is the scarce commodity.
  • How do you become prolific with writing?
  • How do you become an expert at laying bricks?
It doesn’t happen by accident. It required consistent practice. Being lost and totally sold out in your world. A trademark fueled by curiosity and discipline. Come to think of it, you’ve got the internet to your advantage.

In the words of Yoda, always two there are: a master, and an apprentice. I find it interesting that real life situation made us realise things are in – between this or that. There is also a safe space suitable for growth in – between mastery and being an apprentice. Instead of being on a waitlist before being proactive, take the initiative to deeply observe and practice till you master the process.

Weekly Thread of Wisdom 

In Closing 

I'd close with thoughts shared by writer and educator, David Edwards. 

We “learn,” and after this we “do.” We go to school and then we go to work… This approach does not map very well to personal and professional success in America today. Learning and doing have become inseparable in the face of conditions that invite us to discover.

As a matter of fact, the elimination of failure unfortunately removes the opportunity for failure through exploratory testing or uncertainty, which are crucial in creative process.

The most important reason to invest in training the untrained is that a random pool of folks likely doesn’t look like you, think like you, work like you, or do much like you. And that’s an incredible thing.

There’s so much sameness that exists in the creative space today, and that’s undoubtedly leading to the unoriginal and uninventive sea of content we see today.

Intentionally investing in different perspectives can work wonders for you.

Until next Friday,
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