The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.
~ Bill Gates


Hi <<First Name>>,
I am sending you positive vibes from our town square!

It's been a busy week for me and being alone with myself has got to be one of the best things I did during the week. My schedule was so tight that I didn't think I could fit other things in. However, I was able to embark on my quarterly

This is the tenth month of the year and saying that 2020 came with lots of lessons is stating the obvious. We all had goals, dreams, and projects which didn't happen. Many have struggled to survive. Many of us initiated projects we used to be passive about. Many found themselves charting a new course.

I am thankful that you made it so far! Congratulations! 

More importantly, I am grateful you embarked on this journey with me. I am excited about the fact that I can schedule a call with MayWeather subscribers and talk close to 75minutes learning from you. I am always so thrilled to call you members of my tribe!

Whether you have achieved your goals or not, whether your projects worked out or not—be kind to yourself. It is a privilege to live at such an extraordinary time as this and call you a member of the tribe. Your feedbacks are deal breakers!

As a matter of fact, being intentional on the internet is one of the best decisions I made in the middle of a pandemic. It is not as problematic and negative as a lot of people make it out to be. Be intentional about curating the right feed and the internet can be where you dreams come to fruition. 

Do yourself a favour by disconnecting from vain metrics (number of followers, RTs etc.) and find joy in your creative process, sharing your ideas and most importantly, spreading positive vibes! 

Acknowledgement may come. When it does, treat as a review because most times, it doesn't. Less than 1% of a community contributes. It's not something you can entirely control.

It is the internet culture!

Weekly Thread of Wisdom 

  1. Personal Blog: I published my findings on the internet culture. You can read the whole article here.
  2. Pre - Order a copy of Salem King's new book, comm(YOU)nity and learn how to leverage your unique personality and build trust with your audience. 
  3. 90–9–1 Rule of Thumb: Fact or Fiction? by Stan Garfield
  4. It's October 2020 already. 3months and the year is over! Adeniji Hannela shared on the challenge no one warned us about.

Book(s) of the Week

 Handbook of Community Management by Stan Garfield

This is an exhaustive guide on how to lead a community of practice.

Random Thoughts


Newsletter of the Week

Codie Sanchez DMed me and I spent the succeeding 3hours digesting her content. Her writings will make you challenge the status quo to achieve what most believe is impossible. Subscribe to her Newsletter Here.

Please reply to this email with just one thing you've learnt that you want others to know about. Just one. It could be a change you've made in your system or a habit you changed or a project started or tweak you made as a result of reading this newsletter

Until next week  <<First Name>>.

Your Favourite Boxer,

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