Self-government won't work without self-discipline.
~ Paul Harvey

<<First Name>>,
Thank God It's Friday!! How has it been doing your thing this week? You'd be taking a break from a hectic schedule, right?

<<First Name>>, I have something special for you today: an excerpt from a creative ,
Oluwatimilehin Atere.

She’ll be giving her perspective on self - discipline. I’m so excited to have her share with us today and I’m certain you’ll learn a couple of things as I have. 

Oluwatimilehin On Self - Discipline

Self-discipline is a progressive journey: it is for personal good. In fact, growth.
It is that voice in one's head speaking gently about why a particular action may seem urgent and not necessary.

I should cite an instance:

What you start your day with determines the rest of your day.
This may not be on billboards but it is true in itself. Imagine reaching for a mobile device just to catch up with latest news or scroll through the number of likes or comments on a post, only to realize that half of the day is gone.
Or is it just me???? It can't be o.
It was a struggle initially, feeling like 'heeey if I don't reply now, the whole world will pause'. Alas! when a phone disorder happened within a short period, life was moving smooth! That experience made me realize I was breathing fine and even better than having to stress my fingers.

Work indeed may be pressing but focus is key. Do what you have to do and get out of the fix. If you need a screen control app, get it as soon as possible.

One other thing: don't be a Yes Man to everybody.
The hype is real. It has every tendency to get into your head. It is on you to always remember that you cannot “come and kill yourself and die”.
It is better to receive one worthy commendation than ten disappointment notes.
Self-discipline is a life hack.
Whatever you decide determines what you eventually become.


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Risk and Return: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Self-Discovery in Africa by Yomi Jemibewon

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