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All I've had to do in the last two weeks is take notes.

Recording all that is going on in Nigeria took a toll on my mental health. And I am grateful to everyone who reached out. The love was all that I needed. Having to document how someone like me lost their lives to police brutality and violence meted out on peaceful protesters has to be one a traumatizing experience. 

#EndSARS Lessons
The mind navigates both the physical and digital space. It is pertinent that you solve big problems early so you can retain control over your physical and digital space.

Problems with seemingly simple solutions at first become difficult to unwind over time. To give in to the "simple" solution is to spend a greater part of your life trying to unwind the effect.

I re-learnt a critical lesson on how personal productivity can be achieved: when you have your environment and how you interact with it under control, you get hold of real power. The ability to do the work that'd materialize into personal growth and productivity is dependent on how you interact with your environment. 

The worst thing to do is consume anything just because it’s there. Digital barriers help you in thoughtful and intentional usage. That added layer of inconvenience can give you just enough time to reconsider the action.

If you are outside Nigeria, please pray for us. Pray for the families of those that lost properties and loved ones. 


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Only the living can be productive <<First Name>>.
I will be back talking personal productivity next Friday.

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