Hey there!

Surprised I’m in your mailbox on a Sunday? The special connection that I have for you can be the only responsible factor! Trust me <<First Name>>!

Your consistency and thoughtfulness to read my mails inspire me to question the ordinary and iterate towards being a better version of myself – your boxer. Without your trust, <<First Name>>, access to your email is worthless.

There’d be a revamp <<First Name>>. The letters will neither be too short nor dull. Bothered about the length? Not to worry: brevity and clarity will be the order of each letter. Beyond the promptings and hack, I’ll be sharing my latest posts, books I’m reading, as well as other interesting resources I think you’ll love.

My primary goal with writing to you every week is to help you lead a better and more productive life. I have also noticed how writing to you helps me organize my thoughts and process information better. This means improved thinking and I love the sound of that.

That said, I also want to learn through interacting with you, <<First Name>>. As you read this special edition and future ones, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions, related resources you’ve found inspiring, projects and tasks you are embarking on as well as any feedback around how I can make these letters even better: just reply directly to the emails.

I’ll leave you with something incredible I ran into the previous week:

When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms. When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit.

These are the words of the famous Aerospace Scientist, APJ Abdul Kalam (1931 – 2015) I’ve had to ponder on those words. It made sense.

I’d see you soon <<First Name>>.
Still Your Favourite Boxer,

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