There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

~ Maya Angelou


<<First Name>>,

Can you remember why we build in public?
Writing is an integral part of the plan.

Question: What if I can't write?
Me: Everybody can write! The ability to write clearly and persuasively makes the difference.

If you can read and write, why listen to someone else tell you how you cannot write? You went to school! You even have a college degree! You had reasons to write: assignments and tests!

Everybody can write  <<First Name>>!

Question: How can my writings be clear?
Me: One idea at a time. At this point, it'd make no sense if I tell you how sleep can be beneficial to your career progression. 

Always ask yourself: what point do I want to make? 

  • When you stay committed to doing this, your writing will not just be a series of one-off posts. It'd grow into a body of work with a logical and consistent purpose.
  • Your body of work becomes evergreen and such articles have the tendencies to build you a reputation as a top authority in your field.
  • Your writings will attract people and they will help you find excellent opportunities.
This is how to put your writing to work as a beacon for finding and meeting interesting people. Imagine having to share your writings as part of an introduction when meeting with other professionals in your career? 

Your online presence is your resume, store, directory, personal newspaper and business card. People eventually find those who create value on the internet. It is your safe space and should be treated as such! 

Weekly Thread of Wisdom 

  1. Personal Blog: For many years, writing has been considered as just another skill to be learnt. In this article, I shared how you can build a more impactful and meaningful career by writing online.
  2. What does success mean to you? More money? Read this insightful article on the credit and debit side of success  by BenjaminWhyss
  3. In communication, listening is as important as speaking. Reading this piece by Victoria Oladipo is to take a step towards building a listening habit.

Book(s) of the Week
Wealth Book by JJ Omojuwa

I have always talked about leveraging the internet. The Digital Wealth Book is a well-researched book that gave accurate accounts of the past & the present; and a vivid revelation of the future.

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Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!
Until next week  <<First Name>>.

Your Favourite Boxer,

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