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July is here signalling the commencement of the second half of the year. Milestones and Indicators. Small Wins and a number of Ls too. A lot of folks are reflecting on goals to keep themselves accountable. As a matter of fact, it is not out of place. I set goals and carry out reviews on weekly basis.
In doing this, it is necessary that you are constantly primed for self-improvement. Feeling pumped about productivity and staying healthy.
It might not always be easy. Your predictions on issues could turn out wrong. The result you have to show your world might not look like what your efforts have been. The sleepless nights. Frustration and sometimes, tears.
It’s okay if you feel tired or drained <<First Name>>. The most important thing is that you do not stop. It’s an opportunity to unlock all of the strength you never knew you even had. It’s time to hit harder! And harder at those goals! To stay resolute and do the work.

Ensure you take an extra step and do more. Don’t stop creating magic and stay winning! I will be doing the same <<First Name>>.


Weekly Thread of Wisdom: Stolen Ideas

<<First Name>>, Seth Godin is one of the best writers I know. He runs a very prominent blog and his ideas are quite remarkable. Extraordinary, I must say. In one of his blog posts during the week, he shared an amazing note on stolen ideas.

Read Here When you do, you will agree with me that his submission is superb.

Book(s) I Read this Week: Power, Politics and Death

This is actually the fourth time I am reading this book <<First Name>>. I really needed to. Uncle Olusegun Adeniyi who authored the piece detailed some of the dynamics and inner workings of the politics of government in Nigeria. While the book provided an insider’s account of the shenanigans surrounding the demise of late President Yar’Adua, it is a piece I could relate with. The drama that takes place at the corridor of power, the gimmicks and ultimately, how death changes the game. If you are one who is interested in governance, politics and public policies, I can assure you that the book will change the way you think of Nigerian politics.

Random Thoughts

I am rethinking the use of that popular bird app called Twitter <<First Name>>. In as much as I do not go all about sharing negative vibes, I have come to realise that Twitter is a powerful tool. A microblog. Be purposeful with what you share and who you follow. You will be surprised at the quality of people you’d connect with and what you can achieve together.

Quote of the Week

I will leave you with an incredible line I’ve had to ponder on during the week.

Hard work is the destiny of success, and success is the destiny of hard work

Those were the words of Abiola A. Ajimobi (1949 – 2020). Quite challenging. You’d also agree with me that he didn’t sugar-coat the fact. Success require a whole lot of work. As a matter of fact, consistent hard work.
Never hesitate to share you thoughts with me  <<First Name>>.
Until next Friday,
Your Favourite Boxer,

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